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WebElement Matchers


WebElement title = ...;
assertThat(title, className("big-title");

In case of fail it prints:

Expected: element "class" attribute is "big-title"
     but: <Title> "class" attribute is "another-class-name"

List of all matchers in module.


  • exists() - element exists on page
  • displayed() - element's call element.isDisplayed() is true
  • enabled() - element's call element.isEnabled() is true
  • selected() - element's call element.isSelected() is true

Also can be simplified:

assertThat(button, value("Start Search"));
assertThat(button, value(containsString("Search")));


  • text(Matcher<String> matcher) - text property of element matches with matcher


  • tagName(Matcher<String> matcher) - tag name of element matches with matcher


  • attr(String name, Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute name matches with matcher
  • action(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute action matches with matcher
  • alt(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute alt matches with matcher
  • className(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute class matches with matcher
  • href(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute href matches with matcher
  • id(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute id matches with matcher
  • name(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute name matches with matcher
  • placeholder(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute placeholder matches with matcher
  • size(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute size matches with matcher
  • src(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute src matches with matcher
  • target(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute target matches with matcher
  • title(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute title matches with matcher
  • type(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute type matches with matcher
  • value(Matcher<String> matcher) - attribute value matches with matcher

CSS Property

  • css(String name, Matcher<String> matcher) - css-property with name matches with matcher

WebDriver Matchers

  • HasCookieMatcher#hasCookie(String) - matches if WebDriver has such cookie
  • CanFindElementMatcher#canFindElement(By) - matches id WD can find element by By selector
  • HasTextMatcher#textOnCurrentPage(Matcher<String>) & HasTextMatcher#textOnCurrentPageContains(String) - matches if page source matches text matcher or contains text