BEM-based prototyping framework for large projects
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Depot is a framework for UI designers who work on large-scale projects. It provides a set of tools to prototype designs which span multiple platforms and are meant to be maintained for multiple versions.

At large scale projects typically consist of several services run by different teams of developers. Each team may have a different implementation of the same UI components. These implementations often come out of sync, so the UI designers must maintain several versions of the same components at once. It becomes even more complicated when you design for several platforms and devices at once.

At Yandex we have found that it might be easier to tackle this task with code instead of conventional visual tools. Depot is what our designers have been using internally to prototype and document interactions for further implementation by developers. We are sharing this early preview to gather feedback from a wider audience and to make better tools for designers facing the problems large-scale projects have.


npm install -g dpt

Getting started

To create your first project, run this command:

dpt init project_name

Then, go to your project directory and set up dependencies:

cd project_name
npm install

Finally, run your project:

npm start


When you have a project up and running, proceed to the wiki to learn more about using Depot.