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Pandora is a high-performance load generator in Go language. It has built-in HTTP(S) and HTTP/2 support and you can write your own load scenarios in Go, compiling them just before your test.

How to start

Binary releases

Download available.

Building from sources

We use go 1.11 modules. If you build pandora inside $GOPATH, please make sure you have env variable GO111MODULE set to on.

git clone
cd pandora
make deps
go install

Or let Yandex.Tank make it easy for you.

Extension points

You can write plugins with the next extension points:

You can also cross-compile for other arch/os:

GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build

Running your tests

Run the binary with your config (see config examples at examples):

# $GOBIN should be added to $PATH
pandora myconfig.yaml

Or use Pandora with Yandex.Tank and Overload.