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On *nix, from the tarball:
$ ./configure && make && sudo make install
Pire uses GNU autotools, so all customizations of the build process
(overriding compiler or its flags, installation into other directory,
cross-compiling, etc...) is applicable for Pire as well.
`./configure --help' gives you a brief description of those.
If you want additional features placed in extra/ directory (CountingScanner,
CapturingScanner and GlueSimilarGlyphs feature), add `--enable-extra' option
to ./configure.
You will find stubs for package specs in pkg/ directories. You can use them for providing
a package for your favourite distribution; your contribution will be highly appreciated.
On *nix, from VCS:
You will need GNU autotools (autoconf, automake and libtool), bison and flex.
Once you have all this, simply run
$ autoreconf --install && ./configure && make all check && sudo make install
To rebuild the tarball, run `make distcheck'.
On Windows:
Unpack the tarball and run `nmake -f pkg\Makefile.win32 all'.
If you want to build bleeding edge version from VCS, you'll need to install bison, flex
and create a project on your own.