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Usage example of Yandex.Metrica for Android Apps.

How to start

  • Clone repository: git clone
  • Current relevant sample is metrica-sample-android.
  • The sample was created by Android Studio.
  • In the folder with name "libs" & "jniLibs" you can find all necessary libraries.
  • You only should obtain and define your own API_KEY.
  • Example of using Reporters shown in project library
  • Now we are ready to launch project!

ProGuard: If you use ProGuard, you need to keep classes. You can use the following lines of code:

  • -keep class* { *; }
  • -dontwarn*

  • -keep class* { *; }

  • -dontwarn*


  • The last mobmetricalib library has the version 2.62 and the level of API is 52. Because of using aar version of library, it's only can be defined optional permissions.

  • Alternatively you can add the last version of Metrica for Apps to your project as maven artifact from the maven central:

    • groupId:
    • artifactId: mobmetricalib
    • version: 2.62



License agreement on use of Yandex.Metrica for Apps SDK is available at: