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Yandex Mobile Ads Unity Plugin

This repository contains Yandex Mobile Ads Unity plugin. This plugin allows Unity developers to easily integrate Yandex Mobile Ads on Android and iOS apps.


Documentation could be found at the official website


EULA is available at EULA website

Quick start

  1. To use Yandex Mobile Ads Unity plugin in your project download folder mobileads-unity-plugin

  2. Open your project in the Unity editor

  3. Select Assets > Import Package > Custom Package and find the yandex-mobileads-<version>.unitypackage file.

    If you are already using Google resolver just use yandex-mobileads-lite-<version>.unitypackage

  4. Make sure all of the files are selected and click Import.

  5. Add Metrica Unity plugin to the project, only if you use yandex-mobileads-<version>.unitypackage.

  6. You can use one of demo scripts in folder samples to test plugin. Just add one of this files to your project.

Yandex Mobile Ads Mediation

Third-party networks can be connected to Yandex Mobile Ads Mediation by several steps:

  1. Import yandex-mobileads-lite-<version>.unitypackage to your project

  2. Import unity package of the desired third-party network

  3. Set up meditation according to AdFox documentation

Third-party mediation


  1. Integrate AdMob

  2. Import package admob-mobileads-mediation-<version>.unitypackage from folder third-party-networks-mediation

  3. Get the Block ID in the Yandex Partner interface for each Ad Unit created in AdMob. Then set up mediation in the AdMob web interface.

    For more information, please visit our:


  1. Integrate MoPub

  2. Import package mopub-mobileads-mediation-<version>.unitypackage from the folder third-party-networks-mediation

  3. Get the Block ID in the Yandex Partner interface for each Ad Unit created in MoPub. Then set up mediation in the MoPub web interface.

    For more information, please visit our:

Unity packages

Package Description
yandex-mobileads-lite-1.1.0 Main Yandex Mobile Ads package distributed for use with Google resolver
mobileads-adcolony-mediation-1.0.0 AdColony mediation (Supported only by android)
mobileads-admob-mediation-1.1.0 AdMob mediation
mobileads-applovin-mediation-1.1.0 AppLovin mediation
mobileads-chartboost-mediation-1.0.0 Chartboost mediation (Supported only by android)
mobileads-facebook-mediation-1.1.0 Facebook mediation
mobileads-ironsource-mediation-1.1.0 IronSource mediation
mobileads-mytarget-mediation-1.1.0 MyTarget mediation
mobileads-pangle-mediation-1.0.0 Pangle mediation (Supported only by android)
mobileads-mopub-mediation-1.1.0 MoPub mediation
mobileads-startapp-mediation-1.1.0 StartApp mediation
mobileads-tapjoy-mediation-1.0.0 Tapjoy mediation (Supported only by android)
mobileads-unityads-mediation-1.1.0 UnityAds mediation
mobileads-vungle-mediation-1.0.0 Vungle mediation (Supported only by android)
admob-mobileads-mediation-1.1.0 Third-party mediation with AdMob
mopub-mobileads-mediation-1.2.0 Third-party mediation with MoPub


Yandex Mobile Ads Unity Plugin




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