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CandyCane is a issue tracking system. The original implementation on which it is based, is Redmine

You can view a live demo of CandyCane, as well as the bug tracking for CandyCane here:


  1. Extract all files, and place into a directory that is accessible to the web server, and able to run PHP.
  2. Setup correct permissions on files and folders:
    • chmod -R 777 app/Config
    • chmod -R 777 app/files
    • chmod -R 777 app/tmp
    • chmod -R 777 app/Plugin
  3. Access the site via your web server. If you installed into a subdirectory, then ensure that directory is in your URL:
  4. The step-by-step installer will appear.
  5. Just use it!

Development setup

  1. Install Vagrant and VirtualBox.
  2. Install vagrant-berkshelf plugin. vagrant plugin install vagrant-berkshelf
  3. Download candycane box vagrant box add candycane {url}
  4. just type vagrant up
  5. ssh into vm vagrant ssh
  6. cd to app cd /vagrant_data/app
  7. run test ./Console/cake test app All
  8. run selenium test
vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant_data/
/usr/bin/Xvfb :1 -screen 0 1024x768x8 > /tmp/xvfb.log 2> /tmp/xvfb.error &
export DISPLAY=:1.0
java -jar /var/chef/cache/selenium-server-standalone-2.39.0.jar > /tmp/selenium.log 2> /tmp/selenium.error &
mysql -u root -e "drop database if exists test_candycane;create database test_candycane;"
./vendor/bin/phpunit app/Test/Case/Selenium/InstallerTest.php

Updating to latest version

You need to copy these file and directories into extracted latest codes. Currently we don't make database schema change.

  • app/Config/database.php
  • app/files
  • app/Plugin


Currently some features which are present in Redmine are not supported by CandyCane. These are:

  • Repository viewer
  • Forum
  • Documents

CandyCane is using CakePHP v2.3.


  • yandod
  • halt
  • Ignacio Albors
  • k-kishida
  • Graham Weldon (predominant)
  • akiyan
  • Takuya Sato
  • Yoshio HANAWA
  • kaz29
  • Dima
  • Norio Suzuki
  • hamaco
  • kiang
  • okonomi
  • shin1x1
  • Steve Grosbois
  • Spenser Jones
  • tomo
  • hiromi2424
  • Mindiell
  • mzdakr
  • Òscar Casajuana
  • elboletaire
  • Michito Suzuki
  • Shogo Kawahara
  • Sebastien pencreach
  • Sardorbek Pulatov
  • Hisateru Tanaka
  • Jose Gonzalez (savant)

We will appreciate any pull requests.

I try to merge as much as possible. Please fork the repository if you find something you want to fix, and submit a pull request.