the final repo for the development of gstreamer plugin for hand gesture detect
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Thsi is the documentation for the gstreamer plugin gst-handdetect.

The plugin works with OpenCV to detect natural hand gestures, its hand gesture detection is achieved through HAAR classifier training which results in classifier files in xml formats.


The structure of this plugin is organised as following:

         palm.xml (to be added)
      main.c (an app example to demonstrate using hand gestures (fist) 
              to manipulate the media playbacks and volumes)


The manipulation of media playbacks and volumes are designed as following:
1. the frame will draw a red circle over the hand gestures (fist)
2. given the positions and movements the gestures make, the manipulations are defined as:
   * the horizontal positions of fist (known as x coordinate) in the frame 
      chanage the media's playback position 
      [ current media position = x / frame width * media duration ]
   * the vertical positions of fist (know as y coordinates) in the frame
      change the media playback's volumes
      [ current volume = y / frame height * 10 ]
   * if palms detected, the playback stops, showing fist gesture to resume playing


following regular gstreamer plugin installation procedures to make and install the gst-handdetect plugin.