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Simplified - Simple Octopress Theme

Simplified is a clean, single column theme for Octopress which is heavily inspired by Jest.

This theme has a live preview here.


cd octopress
git clone .themes/simplified
rake install['simplified']
rake generate

####Installation when using zsh shell rake install\['simplified'\]


You can change the theme color easily by changing $theme-color at your octopress/sass/base/_theme.scss.

The social icon at landing page can be removed or added by editing octopress/source/post/social_icon.html.

This theme used Font Awesome icons, so you can add any icon as you like from there.

This theme also disable Octopress default sidebar and footer. So to get this to work you have to customize your _config.yml .

sidebar: collapse

default_asides: [asides/recent_posts.html, ... , asides/footer_in_sidebar.html]


This theme is licensed under a MIT License -


Updated with a cleaner interface(24 May 2014). Below are the main updates.

  • Replace landing page with blog page
  • Minimal search form
  • Pretty syntax highlight

More to come

More features will be updated.

Feel free to use.