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Set of Extensions and Custom control for standard types and classes.
Just like Doraemon’s pocket, has an endless variety of props for us to use.


At the moment, the most important features of OpencvQueen can be summarized as follows:

  • Hough line detection and correction text.
  • Feature extraction processing.
  • Repair old photos.
  • Repair the picture to remove the watermark.
  • Maximum area cut.
  • Morphology operation.
  • Blurred skin whitening treatment.
  • Picture perspective or blend.
  • Modify brightness and contrast.
  • Picture mosaic tile.

Catalogue list

Methods and Functions

  • Opencv picture processing.
Name Signatures
Picture Tile kj_opencvTiledRows:cols:
Four-point perspective image based on perspective kj_opencvWarpPerspectiveWithKnownPoints:size:
Eliminate image highlights kj_opencvIlluminationChangeBeta:alpha:
Picture Blending kj_opencvBlendImage:alpha:
Adjust picture brightness and contrast kj_opencvChangeContrast:luminance:
Modify the color of the picture channel value kj_opencvChangeR:g:b:
Blur processing kj_opencvBlurX:y:
Gaussian Blur kj_opencvGaussianBlurX:y:
Median Blur kj_opencvMedianBlurksize:
Gaussian Bilateral Blur kj_opencvBilateralFilterBlurRadio:sigma:
Custom linear blur kj_opencvCustomBlurksize:
Morphology operations kj_opencvMorphology:element:
Remove watermark kj_opencvInpaintImage:
Picture repair, effect enhancement processing kj_opencvRepairImage
Cut out the largest inner rectangular area kj_opencvCutMaxRegionImage
Feature extraction kj_opencvFeatureExtractionFromSobel
Hough line judgment and correction kj_opencvHoughLinesCorrectTextImageFillColor:

☝ [Return to the catalogue list](#Catalogue list) ☝


  • If you want use this framework.☠️
pod 'OpencvQueen'


  • Download demo please execute first pod install


The general process is almost like this, the Demo is also written in great detail, you can check it out for yourself.🎷


Tip: If you find it helpful, please help me with a star. If you have any questions or needs, you can also issue.


About the author


OpencvQueen is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.