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:monkey_face: A chess-board-game framework(by as3/objective-c language) implementation based-on Starling/Sparrow.
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A flash & ios board game framework named GODPAPER(code name:"the real knight"&"the real bishop") by as3 & objective-c language. This wiki is dedicated to all the unsung heroes of the world, those who the absence of which would degrade all our lives to the point where the sweet release of death would seem preferable to continuing this mortal existence. Ironically, the absence of those I refer to would all but guarantee this outcome! I of course refer here to the constants of the physical world:

G, the gravitational constant, whose vigilance secures us to this very world;

O, oops;

D,electric displacement field,also called the electric flux density;

P,kilogram meter per second (kg m/s);


P,pascal (Pa);

E,the electric constant, which gives rise to the properties of the electromagnetic fields our technology depends upon;

R,Electrical resistance;

GODPAPER on Magazine:

(Software Developer's Journal)Everything You Need To Get Started with GODPAPER(page 20):


Screenshot of "GodpaperFacts"

UML Diagram:

Screenshot of "UML Diagram"

Games under "GODPAPER" framework

Flex MXML based

Chinese Chess Jam:

Two Hit One:

The Three Horse:

Cat And Mouse:

The Four Seasons:

The Color Lines:

AS3 Starling/Feathers based

Player IO:

Screen shots

Screenshot of "TheChessJam"

Screenshot of "TheGo"

Screenshot of "ChineseChessJam"

Screenshot of "TicTacToe"

Screenshot of "TheBejeweledJam"

Main features

This wiki is for programmers. More precisely, it's for programmers who favor the 'learn by example' approach. I don't know about you, but I've ready plenty of flash games where all they present are fragments of applications and small, contrived bits of code to illustrate a given point. Now, without question, that is sometimes precisely what you want. Oftentimes, however, what you really want is a whole application that is explained in its entirety so you can see how all the pieces fit together as you explore it little by little. This is precisely what this wiki seeks to do.

Maven repository

Jenkins CI


Current Releases

TheRealKnight 1.0.0(Work in progress...)


Uninformed Search Simulated evolution

Simplicity of Flex application

Mxml application, Green thread, Cross plant-form deployment

Future Releases

TheRealKnight 2.0(TheKnightErrant)


Work in progress:

Performance enhancement(Starling,Stage3d)

Strong AI

Informed Search

Knowledge Representation

Evolutionary Computation

Neural Networks I

Intelligent Agents

Future areas of investigation, not scheduled yet.

Neural Networks II

Biologically Inspired

Hybrid Models




Link(TheKnightErrant for AS3 project):


Q & A






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