Trails to help designers and developers learn various topics.
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Trail map maintained by Zenhacks

The trail maps are originated by thoughtbot. We embraced their concepts for learning different technology. They said:

Why Make Another one

We found some trails(unix, ruby) are difficult to finish in a short term and and the validation is too vague. This is mainly caused by scope of the topic itself. To resolve this problem, we decide to break down large iteration into smaller trails and each with additional materials and validation.

With this smaller trail maps, we could:

  • Focus on one topic at a time
  • More targeted learning materials
  • Faster feedback circle and keep our morale high
  • More specific validation to ensure a solid learning result




To use these, you may want to first set up your laptop with this script and these dotfiles.


Please see Contribution Guidelines


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Trail Map is maintained by zenhacks, inc The names and logos for zenhacks are trademarks of zenhacks, inc.

Thank you, contributors!


Trail Map is © 2012 thoughtbot, inc. It is free software and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the Creative Commons Attribution License.