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<title>Home | 杨晨昀 Steven Yang</title>
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<h2>About me</h2>
<p>I build products with computers. I am starting up <a href="">a company</a> in Shanghai now. I used to lead the UI design and frontend development at <a href="">ELEME</a> and I hosted <a href=""> TEDxFivestarsquare</a> and have been involved in the community for years.</p>
<p>I created this site to organize my thoughts on programming and design.</p>
<p>I like collecting <a href="">inspiration</a> to keep myself motivated and think about <a href="">methods of learning</a>.</p>
<p><a class="more" href="/about/">Know more about me &raquo;</a></p>
<h2>Recent Articles</h2>
<ul id="recent-list">
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2013/05/guidelines-for-learning-anything-from-scratch/">Guidelines for Learning Anything from Scratch &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2013/05/plan-to-read-the-ruby-standard-library/">A Plan to Read the Ruby Standard Library &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2013/03/how-i-finished-the-dbclass-from-stanford-with-full-score/">How I Finished the DBClass from Stanford with Full Score &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2013/01/annual-review-2012/">Annual Review for 2012 &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2012/09/ack-a-better-way-to-search-in-files/">Ack - a better way to search in files &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2012/02/measure-network-performance/">How to Measure and Monitor Network Performance &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2012/02/plans-for-2012/">Annual Plan 2012 - One Step Further &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2011/12/annual-review/">Annual Review 2011 - A Turning in Life &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2011/12/lesson-learned/">Lesson Learned &raquo;</a>
<li><p><a class="more" href="/2011/08/tedxyouth-wesklake-speech/">Speech at TEDxYouth West Lake &raquo;</a>
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<p>Powered by <a title="Don't worry, it's not the morally ambivalent doctor." href="">Jekyll</a>.<span class="copyright">copyright 2011-2012&copy; <a href="//">Steven Yang</a></span></p>
<!-- <p>Also find me on <a href="">stackoverflow</a> and <a href="">delicious</a>.</p> -->
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