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Yang Chi, Software Engineer

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Address: 36681 Bishop St, Newark, CA 94560


Cellphone: 513-679-0772



12/2013 - 03/2015: Software Engineer, Cisco Systems

I work on network policy infra across many platforms on Cisco IOS systems.


09/2008 - 13/2013: Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering, University of Cincinnati

GPA: 3.85, Dissertation Topic: Effective Use of Network Coding in Multi-hop Wireless Networks

09/2004 - 06/2008: B.S. in Network Engineering (CS equivalent), Chongqing University


Programming Languages: C > C++ = Python > Java > Go = PHP > JavaScript

Also touched (a.k.a this is where I throw keywords): Linux/Unix programming (I literally touched both), Redis, Tornado, RESTful API, SQL, OpenFlow and SDN, Web Development, Agile, TDD

Strong background in Computer Networks and TCP/IP Protocol Stack.

Solid knowledge in Operating Systems, Distributed Computing, Algorithms and Data Structure.


Network Coding in Multi-Radio Networks:

Source code of Yanci, in C++, my implementation of COPE:

Source code Murco in C++:

Design and implement an opportunistic and independent 2.5 layer protocol for network coding in multi-radio networks. First distributed and practical solution to this problem. Throughput gain in some cases can be 10%. Latency gain around 50% is also achieved.

Publication: Murco: An Opportunistic Network Coding Framework in Multi-Radio Networks, IEEE ICC 2012, first author

Practical Coding-Aware Routing Protocols:

Source code in C++:

Propose and design a new routing metric ETOX and a hybrid routing protocol HyCare for network coding capable networks. ETOX consider both coding opportunities and wireless channel quality. HyCare has both link-state routing and reverse forwarding functions. Achieve around 100% throughput gain compared to classical routing protocols with network coding in wireless mesh network backbone.

Publication: HyCare: Hybrid Coding-Aware Routing with ETOX Metric in Multi-hop Wireless Networks, to appear at IEEE MASS 2013, first author

Network Locality in Wireless Networks:

Source code in Python:

This is the first validation of network locality in both WLAN and wireless mesh networks. Created packet parser in Python to analyze more than 1.3 billion packets (more than 130GB of data) collected from both real network traces and simulations. Examined 4 common network locality characteristics with 5 different routing schemes in multi-hop wireless networks.

Publication: Network Locality in Wireless Networks, ACS/IEEE AICCSA 2013, first author

Decoding-Delay Sensitive Coding Scheme in TCP:

Design a novel coding scheme for network-coded TCP to solve the decoding delay problem in such TCP implementations. This scheme achieves constant first-packet decoding time in regardless of the number of raw packets in an encoded packet, about 10% throughput increase with various packet loss ratio, a Constant first-packet decoding delay in regardless of number of packets in an encoded packet. 10\% throughput increase and even more significant end-to-end delay reduce compared to previous similar algorithm.nd significant reduce on end-to-end delay compared to previous similar congestion control algorithm.

Paper: TCP-Forward: Fast and Reliable TCP Variant for Wireless Networks


A real-time server, Personal project for fun. My friend was writing an online game. I wrote the back-end for him with Python, Tornado and Redis.

Web Developer, University of Cincinnati, 04/2012 – 06/2013: Implement E-Portfolio system, an online portfolio and assessment platform, for College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at University of Cincinnati using PHP and MySQL. Source code, mostly in PHP:

Teaching Assistant, University of Cincinnati, Spring 2010-2011: in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks class.

Internship, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Summer 2007: Tested functions and reliability of a SOA framework with Java.