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The C# to Lua compiler
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The C# to Lua compiler.


CSharp.lua is a C# to Lua compiler. Write C# then run on lua VM.

  • Build on Microsoft Roslyn. Support for C# 7.0.

  • Highly readable code generation. C# AST ---> Lua AST ---> Lua Code.

  • Allowing almost all of the C# language features.

  • Provides CoreSystem.lua library, can run away of CLR.

  • Self-Compiling, run "./test/self-compiling/self.bat".

  • Used by dotnet Standard 2.1, Ability to use across platforms.


C# code

using System;

namespace HelloLua {
  public static class Program {
    public static void Main() {
      Console.WriteLine("hello lua!");

To Lua

-- Generated by CSharp.lua Compiler
local System = System
System.namespace("HelloLua", function (namespace) 
  namespace.class("Program", function (namespace) 
    local Main
    Main = function () 
      System.Console.WriteLine("hello lua!")
    return {
      Main = Main

Try Live

How to Use

Command Line Parameters

D:\>dotnet CSharp.Lua.Launcher.dll -h
Usage: CSharp.lua [-s srcfolder] [-d dstfolder]
-s              : can be a directory where all cs files will be compiled, or a list of files, using ';' or ',' to separate
-d              : destination directory, will put the out lua files

-h              : show the help message and exit
-l              : libraries referenced, use ';' to separate
                  if the librarie is a module, whitch is compield by CSharp.lua with -module arguemnt, the last character needs to be '!' in order to mark  

-m              : meta files, like System.xml, use ';' to separate
-csc            : csc.exe command argumnets, use ' ' or '\t' to separate

-c              : support classic lua version(5.1), default support 5.3
-a              : attributes need to export, use ';' to separate, if ""-a"" only, all attributes whill be exported
-e              : enums need to export, use ';' to separate, if ""-e"" only, all enums will be exported
-p              : do not use debug.setmetatable, in some Addon/Plugin environment debug object cannot be used
-metadata       : export all metadata, use @CSharpLua.Metadata annotations for precise control
-module         : the currently compiled assembly needs to be referenced, it's useful for multiple module compiled

Make sure that the. NET core 3.0+ is installed.



CoreSystem.lua library that implements most of the .NET Framework core classes, including support for basic type, delegate, generic collection classes & linq. The Converted lua code, need to reference it


  • fibonacci, a console program code, print Fibonacci number.



Apache 2.0 license.



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