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HERE=$(cd $(dirname $0);pwd)
cd $HERE
#export BASE_DIR=/c/Users/${USERNAME}/wksp/docker4win_sample/apsv_db_smtp_java
export BASE_DIR=.
export SFTP_USER=sftpuser
export HOST_SFTP_PORT=10022
#. ./init.txt
#for Windows setting mapping C:\Users ==> /c/Users
#docker-compose --project-name project01 up -d --no-recreate --build
#docker-compose --project-name project01 up -d --force-recreate --build
docker-compose --project-name project01 up -d --build
echo -e "\n****************************************************"
docker ps -a
echo -e "\n"
echo -e "\n****************************************************"
echo -e "* IP of Linux VM(for docker containers)"
docker-machine ip default
echo -e "****************************************************"
echo -e "\n"
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