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" Vim color file
" Maintainer: Anders Korte
" Last Change: 17 Oct 2004
" AutumnLeaf color scheme 1.0
set background=light
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name="AutumnLeaf"
" Colors for the User Interface.
hi Cursor guibg=#aa7733 guifg=#ffeebb gui=bold
hi Normal guibg=#fffdfa guifg=black gui=none
hi NonText guibg=#eafaea guifg=#000099 gui=bold
hi Visual guibg=#fff8cc guifg=black gui=none
" hi VisualNOS
hi Linenr guibg=bg guifg=#999999 gui=none
" Uncomment these if you use Diff...??
" hi DiffText guibg=#cc0000 guifg=white gui=none
" hi DiffAdd guibg=#0000cc guifg=white gui=none
" hi DiffChange guibg=#990099 guifg=white gui=none
" hi DiffDelete guibg=#888888 guifg=#333333 gui=none
hi Directory guibg=bg guifg=#337700 gui=none
hi IncSearch guibg=#c8e8ff guifg=black gui=none
hi Search guibg=#c8e8ff guifg=black gui=none
hi SpecialKey guibg=bg guifg=fg gui=none
hi Titled guibg=bg guifg=fg gui=none
hi ErrorMsg guibg=bg guifg=#cc0000 gui=bold
hi ModeMsg guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=none
hi link MoreMsg ModeMsg
hi link Question ModeMsg
hi WarningMsg guibg=bg guifg=#cc0000 gui=bold
hi StatusLine guibg=#ffeebb guifg=black gui=bold
hi StatusLineNC guibg=#aa8866 guifg=#f8e8cc gui=none
hi VertSplit guibg=#aa8866 guifg=#ffe0bb gui=none
" hi Folded
" hi FoldColumn
" hi SignColumn
" Colors for Syntax Highlighting.
hi Comment guibg=#ddeedd guifg=#002200 gui=none
hi Constant guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=bold
hi String guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=italic
hi Character guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=italic
hi Number guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=bold
hi Boolean guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=bold
hi Float guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=bold
hi Identifier guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=none
hi Function guibg=bg guifg=#0055aa gui=bold
hi Statement guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=none
hi Conditional guibg=bg guifg=#aa7733 gui=bold
hi Repeat guibg=bg guifg=#aa5544 gui=bold
hi link Label Conditional
hi Operator guibg=bg guifg=#aa7733 gui=bold
hi link Keyword Statement
hi Exception guibg=bg guifg=#228877 gui=bold
hi PreProc guibg=bg guifg=#aa7733 gui=bold
hi Include guibg=bg guifg=#558811 gui=bold
hi link Define Include
hi link Macro Include
hi link PreCondit Include
hi Type guibg=bg guifg=#007700 gui=bold
hi link StorageClass Type
hi link Structure Type
hi Typedef guibg=bg guifg=#009900 gui=italic
hi Special guibg=bg guifg=fg gui=none
hi SpecialChar guibg=bg guifg=fg gui=bold
hi Tag guibg=bg guifg=#003399 gui=bold
hi link Delimiter Special
hi SpecialComment guibg=#dddddd guifg=#aa0000 gui=none
hi link Debug Special
hi Underlined guibg=bg guifg=blue gui=underline
hi Title guibg=bg guifg=fg gui=bold
hi Ignore guibg=bg guifg=#999999 gui=none
hi Error guibg=red guifg=white gui=none
hi Todo guibg=bg guifg=#aa0000 gui=none
" The same in cterm colors.
hi Cursor ctermbg=6 ctermfg=14
hi Normal ctermbg=15 ctermfg=0
hi NonText ctermbg=10 ctermfg=1
hi Visual ctermbg=14 ctermfg=0
" hi VisualNOS
hi Linenr ctermbg=bg ctermfg=7
" hi DiffText ctermbg=4 ctermfg=15
" hi DiffAdd ctermbg=1 ctermfg=15
" hi DiffChange ctermbg=5 ctermfg=15
" hi DiffDelete ctermbg=7 ctermfg=8
hi Directory ctermbg=bg ctermfg=2
hi IncSearch ctermbg=9 ctermfg=0
hi Search ctermbg=9 ctermfg=0
hi SpecialKey ctermbg=bg ctermfg=fg
hi Titled ctermbg=bg ctermfg=fg
hi ErrorMsg ctermbg=bg ctermfg=12
hi ModeMsg ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9
hi WarningMsg ctermbg=bg ctermfg=12
hi StatusLine ctermbg=14 ctermfg=0
hi StatusLineNC ctermbg=6 ctermfg=14
hi VertSplit ctermbg=6 ctermfg=14
" hi Folded
" hi FoldColumn
" hi SignColumn
hi Comment ctermbg=10 ctermfg=2
hi Constant ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9
hi String ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=italic
hi Character ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=italic
hi Number ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=bold
hi Boolean ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=bold
hi Float ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=bold
hi Function ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=bold
hi Statement ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=bold
hi Conditional ctermbg=bg ctermfg=6 cterm=bold
hi Repeat ctermbg=bg ctermfg=6 cterm=bold
hi Operator ctermbg=bg ctermfg=6 cterm=bold
hi Exception ctermbg=bg ctermfg=2 cterm=bold
hi PreProc ctermbg=bg ctermfg=6
hi Include ctermbg=bg ctermfg=2 cterm=bold
hi Type ctermbg=bg ctermfg=2 cterm=bold
hi Typedef ctermbg=bg ctermfg=2 cterm=italic
hi Special ctermbg=bg ctermfg=fg cterm=bold
hi Tag ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=bold
hi SpecialComment ctermbg=7 ctermfg=4
hi Underlined ctermbg=bg ctermfg=9 cterm=underline
hi Title ctermbg=bg ctermfg=fg cterm=bold
hi Ignore ctermbg=bg ctermfg=7
hi Error ctermbg=12 ctermfg=15
hi Todo ctermbg=bg ctermfg=15