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" Vim color file
" Maintainer: David Schweikert <>
" Last Change: 2001 Mai 14
" First remove all existing highlighting.
hi clear
let colors_name = "delek"
hi Normal guifg=Black guibg=white
" Groups used in the 'highlight' and 'guicursor' options default value.
hi ErrorMsg term=standout ctermbg=DarkRed ctermfg=White guibg=Red guifg=White
hi IncSearch term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi ModeMsg term=bold cterm=bold gui=bold
hi VertSplit term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse
hi Visual term=reverse cterm=reverse gui=reverse guifg=Grey guibg=fg
hi VisualNOS term=underline,bold cterm=underline,bold gui=underline,bold
hi DiffText term=reverse cterm=bold ctermbg=Red gui=bold guibg=Red
hi Cursor guibg=Green guifg=NONE
hi lCursor guibg=Cyan guifg=NONE
hi Directory term=bold ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=Blue
hi LineNr term=underline ctermfg=Brown guifg=Brown
hi MoreMsg term=bold ctermfg=DarkGreen gui=bold guifg=SeaGreen
hi Question term=standout ctermfg=DarkGreen gui=bold guifg=SeaGreen
hi Search term=reverse ctermbg=Yellow ctermfg=NONE guibg=Yellow guifg=NONE
hi SpecialKey term=bold ctermfg=DarkBlue guifg=Blue
hi Title term=bold ctermfg=DarkMagenta gui=bold guifg=Magenta
hi WarningMsg term=standout ctermfg=DarkRed guifg=Red
hi WildMenu term=standout ctermbg=Yellow ctermfg=Black guibg=Yellow guifg=Black
hi Folded term=standout ctermbg=Grey ctermfg=DarkBlue guibg=LightGrey guifg=DarkBlue
hi FoldColumn term=standout ctermbg=Grey ctermfg=DarkBlue guibg=Grey guifg=DarkBlue
hi DiffAdd term=bold ctermbg=LightBlue guibg=LightBlue
hi DiffChange term=bold ctermbg=LightMagenta guibg=LightMagenta
hi DiffDelete term=bold ctermfg=Blue ctermbg=LightCyan gui=bold guifg=Blue guibg=LightCyan
hi StatusLine cterm=bold ctermbg=blue ctermfg=yellow guibg=gold guifg=blue
hi StatusLineNC cterm=bold ctermbg=blue ctermfg=black guibg=gold guifg=blue
hi NonText term=bold ctermfg=Blue gui=bold guifg=gray guibg=white
hi Cursor guibg=fg guifg=bg
" syntax highlighting
hi PreProc term=underline cterm=NONE ctermfg=darkmagenta gui=NONE guifg=magenta3
hi Identifier term=underline cterm=NONE ctermfg=darkcyan gui=NONE guifg=cyan4
hi Comment term=NONE cterm=NONE ctermfg=darkred gui=NONE guifg=red2
hi Constant term=underline cterm=NONE ctermfg=darkgreen gui=NONE guifg=green3
hi Special term=bold cterm=NONE ctermfg=lightred gui=NONE guifg=deeppink
hi Statement term=bold cterm=bold ctermfg=blue gui=bold guifg=blue
hi Type term=underline cterm=NONE ctermfg=blue gui=bold guifg=blue
if exists("syntax_on")
let syntax_cmd = "enable"
runtime syntax/syncolor.vim
unlet syntax_cmd
" vim: sw=2
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