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" Vim color file
" desertedocean v0.5
" Maintainer: Shawn Axsom <>
" []
" desertedocean, a colorscheme using the desert colorscheme as a template, based loosely off of desert, oceandeep, and zenburn.
" With thanks to Panos Laganakos
" cool help screens
" :he group-name
" :he highlight-groups
" :he cterm-colors
set background=dark
if version > 580
" no guarantees for version 5.8 and below, but this makes it stop
" complaining
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name="desertedocean"
hi Normal guifg=#FFE0FA guibg=#122130
" syntax highlighting
hi Comment guifg=#6Aa0e0
hi Title guifg=#00aBdF
hi Underlined guifg=#20b0eF gui=none
hi Statement guifg=#eF7a7a
hi Type guifg=#dAa0b0
hi PreProc guifg=#FF7A9a
hi Constant guifg=#EE8aB5 " or #FF707A
hi Identifier guifg=#FFe0bd
hi Special guifg=#8cf0ff
hi Ignore guifg=grey40
hi Todo guifg=orangered guibg=yellow2
"hi Error
"end syntax highlighting
" highlight groups
hi Cursor guibg=#007799 guifg=#00D0D0
"hi CursorIM
hi Directory guifg=#bbd0df
"hi DiffAdd
"hi DiffChange
"hi DiffDelete
"hi DiffText
"hi ErrorMsg
hi VertSplit guibg=#c2bfa5 guifg=grey50 gui=none
hi Folded guibg=#337799 guifg=#BBDDCC
hi FoldColumn guibg=#337799 guifg=#00CCFF
hi LineNr guifg=#CCF0FF guibg=#006688
hi ModeMsg guifg=#00AACC
hi MoreMsg guifg=SeaGreen
hi NonText guifg=#285960 guibg=#2A374A
hi Question guifg=#AABBCC
hi Search guibg=slategrey guifg=#FFDABB
hi IncSearch guifg=slategrey guibg=#FFDFB0
hi SpecialKey guifg=#00CCBB " blue green
hi StatusLine guibg=#00A5EA guifg=#050709 gui=none
hi StatusLineNC guibg=#1079B0 guifg=#272334 gui=none
hi Visual guifg=#008FBF guibg=#33DFEF
"hi VisualNOS
hi WarningMsg guifg=salmon
"hi WildMenu
"hi Menu
"hi Scrollbar guibg=grey30 guifg=tan
"hi Tooltip
hi Pmenu guifg=#6Aa0e0 guibg=#222f3d
hi PmenuSel guifg=#FFFFFF guibg=#0088bb
" color terminal definitions
hi SpecialKey ctermfg=darkgreen
hi NonText cterm=bold ctermfg=darkblue
hi Directory ctermfg=darkcyan
hi ErrorMsg cterm=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=1
hi IncSearch cterm=NONE ctermfg=yellow ctermbg=green
hi Search cterm=NONE ctermfg=grey ctermbg=blue
hi MoreMsg ctermfg=darkgreen
hi ModeMsg cterm=NONE ctermfg=brown
hi LineNr ctermfg=3
hi Question ctermfg=green
hi StatusLine cterm=bold,reverse
hi StatusLineNC cterm=reverse
hi VertSplit cterm=reverse
hi Title ctermfg=5
hi Visual cterm=reverse
hi VisualNOS cterm=bold,underline
hi WarningMsg ctermfg=1
hi WildMenu ctermfg=0 ctermbg=3
hi Folded ctermfg=darkgrey ctermbg=NONE
hi FoldColumn ctermfg=darkgrey ctermbg=NONE
hi DiffAdd ctermbg=4
hi DiffChange ctermbg=5
hi DiffDelete cterm=bold ctermfg=4 ctermbg=6
hi DiffText cterm=bold ctermbg=1
hi Comment ctermfg=darkcyan
hi Constant ctermfg=brown
hi Special ctermfg=5
hi Identifier ctermfg=6
hi Statement ctermfg=3
hi PreProc ctermfg=5
hi Type ctermfg=2
hi Underlined cterm=underline ctermfg=5
hi Ignore cterm=bold ctermfg=7
hi Ignore ctermfg=darkgrey
hi Error cterm=bold ctermfg=7 ctermbg=1
"vim: sw=4
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