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" Description: a colour scheme inspired by kellys bicycles
" Maintainer:
" License: gpl 3+
" Version: 0.3 (2008.12.07)
" changelog:
" 0.3: 2008.12.07
" finished ada, haskell, html, lisp, pascal, php, python, ruby, scheme, sh, xml and vim
" changed preproc to slightly darker
" changed statement to bold
" 0.2: 2008.12.02
" added support for 256-colour terminal
" added diff*, pmenu* and wildmenu
" added some cpp, java*, python*, some sh and ruby*
" removed italic from comments and made them slightly lighter
" 0.1: 2008.11.28
" initial version
set background=dark
if version > 580
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name = "kellys"
" black 2a2b2f 235
" blue 62acce 81
" blue slight 9ab2c8 74
" brown slight d1c79e 144
" green yellowy d1d435 184
" grey dark 67686b 240
" grey light e1e0e5 254
" orange e6ac32 178
" red 9d0e15 124
" tabline
if has("gui_running")
hi Comment guifg=#67686b guibg=#2a2b2f gui=none
hi Cursor guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#e1e0e5 gui=none
hi Constant guifg=#d1c79e guibg=#2a2b2f gui=none
hi CursorLine guibg=#303132 gui=none
hi DiffAdd guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#9ab2c8 gui=none
hi DiffChange guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#d1c79e gui=none
hi DiffDelete guifg=#67686b guibg=#2a2b2f gui=none
hi DiffText guifg=#9d0e15 guibg=#d1c79e gui=none
hi Folded guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#67686b gui=none
hi MatchParen guifg=#d1d435 guibg=#2a2b2f gui=bold,underline
hi ModeMsg guifg=#e1e0e5 guibg=#2a2b2f gui=bold
hi Normal guifg=#e1e0e5 guibg=#2a2b2f gui=none
hi Pmenu guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#9ab2c8 gui=none
hi PmenuSel guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#62acce gui=bold
hi PmenuSbar guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#2a2b2f gui=none
hi PmenuThumb guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#62acce gui=none
hi PreProc guifg=#d1d435 guibg=#2a2b2f gui=none
hi Search guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#e1e0e5 gui=none
hi Special guifg=#9ab2c8 guibg=#2a2b2f gui=none
hi Statement guifg=#62acce guibg=#2a2b2f gui=bold
hi StatusLine guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#62acce gui=bold
hi StatusLineNC guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#e1e0e5 gui=none
hi Todo guifg=#e1e0e5 guibg=#9d0e15 gui=bold
hi Type guifg=#e6ac32 guibg=#2a2b2f gui=none
hi Underlined guifg=#e1e0e5 guibg=#2a2b2f gui=underline
hi Visual guifg=#2a2b2f guibg=#e1e0e5 gui=none
hi Wildmenu guifg=#62acce guibg=#2a2b2f gui=bold
if &t_Co == 256
hi Comment ctermfg=239 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi Cursor ctermfg=235 ctermbg=254 cterm=none
hi Constant ctermfg=144 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi CursorLine ctermbg=236 cterm=none
hi DiffAdd ctermfg=235 ctermbg=74 cterm=none
hi DiffChange ctermfg=235 ctermbg=144 cterm=none
hi DiffDelete ctermfg=239 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi DiffText ctermfg=124 ctermbg=144 cterm=none
hi Folded ctermfg=239 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi MatchParen ctermfg=184 ctermbg=235 cterm=bold,underline
hi ModeMsg ctermfg=254 ctermbg=235 cterm=bold
hi Normal ctermfg=254 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi Pmenu ctermfg=235 ctermbg=74 cterm=none
hi PmenuSel ctermfg=235 ctermbg=81 cterm=bold
hi PmenuSbar ctermfg=235 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi PmenuThumb ctermfg=235 ctermbg=81 cterm=none
hi PreProc ctermfg=184 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi Search ctermfg=235 ctermbg=254 cterm=none
hi Special ctermfg=74 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi Statement ctermfg=81 ctermbg=235 cterm=none
hi StatusLine ctermfg=235 ctermbg=81 cterm=bold
hi StatusLineNC ctermfg=235 ctermbg=254 cterm=none
hi Todo ctermfg=254 ctermbg=124 cterm=bold
hi Type ctermfg=178 ctermbg=234 cterm=none
hi Underlined ctermfg=254 ctermbg=234 cterm=underline
hi Visual ctermfg=235 ctermbg=254 cterm=none
hi Wildmenu ctermfg=81 ctermbg=234 cterm=bold
hi! link Boolean Constant
hi! link Character Constant
hi! link Conditional Statement
hi! link CursorColumn CursorLine
hi! link Debug Special
hi! link Define PreProc
hi! link Delimiter Special
hi! link Directory Type
hi! link Error Todo
hi! link ErrorMsg Error
hi! link Exception Statement
hi! link Float Constant
hi! link FoldColumn Folded
hi! link Function Normal
hi! link Identifier Special
hi! link Ignore Comment
hi! link IncSearch Search
hi! link Include PreProc
hi! link Keyword Statement
hi! link Label Statement
hi! link LineNr Comment
hi! link Macro PreProc
hi! link MoreMsg ModeMsg
hi! link NonText Comment
hi! link Number Constant
hi! link Operator Special
hi! link PreCondit PreProc
hi! link Question MoreMsg
hi! link Repeat Statement
hi! link SignColumn FoldColumn
hi! link SpecialChar Special
hi! link SpecialComment Special
hi! link SpecialKey Special
hi! link SpellBad Error
hi! link SpellCap Error
hi! link SpellLocal Error
hi! link SpellRare Error
hi! link StorageClass Type
hi! link String Constant
hi! link Structure Type
hi! link Tag Special
hi! link Title ModeMsg
hi! link Typedef Type
hi! link VertSplit StatusLineNC
hi! link WarningMsg Error
" ada
hi! link adaBegin Type
hi! link adaEnd Type
hi! link adaKeyword Special
" c++
hi! link cppAccess Type
hi! link cppStatement Special
" hs
hi! link ConId Type
hi! link hsPragma PreProc
hi! link hsConSym Operator
" html
hi! link htmlArg Statement
hi! link htmlEndTag Special
hi! link htmlLink Underlined
hi! link htmlSpecialTagName PreProc
hi! link htmlTag Special
hi! link htmlTagName Type
" java
hi! link javaTypeDef Special
" lisp
hi! link lispAtom Constant
hi! link lispAtomMark Constant
hi! link lispConcat Special
hi! link lispDecl Type
hi! link lispFunc Special
hi! link lispKey PreProc
" pas
hi! link pascalAsmKey Statement
hi! link pascalDirective PreProc
hi! link pascalModifier PreProc
hi! link pascalPredefined Special
hi! link pascalStatement Type
hi! link pascalStruct Type
" php
hi! link phpComparison Special
hi! link phpDefine Normal
hi! link phpIdentifier Normal
hi! link phpMemberSelector Special
hi! link phpRegion Special
hi! link phpVarSelector Special
" py
hi! link pythonStatement Type
" rb
hi! link rubyConstant Special
hi! link rubyDefine Type
hi! link rubyRegexp Special
" scm
hi! link schemeSyntax Special
" sh
hi! link shArithRegion Normal
hi! link shDerefSimple Normal
hi! link shDerefVar Normal
hi! link shFunction Type
hi! link shLoop Statement
hi! link shStatement Special
hi! link shVariable Normal
" sql
hi! link sqlKeyword Statement
" vim
hi! link vimCommand Statement
hi! link vimCommentTitle Normal
hi! link vimEnvVar Special
hi! link vimFuncKey Type
hi! link vimGroup Special
hi! link vimHiAttrib Constant
hi! link vimHiCTerm Special
hi! link vimHiCtermFgBg Special
hi! link vimHighlight Special
hi! link vimHiGui Special
hi! link vimHiGuiFgBg Special
hi! link vimOption Special
hi! link vimSyntax Special
hi! link vimSynType Special
hi! link vimUserAttrb Special
" xml
hi! link xmlAttrib Special
hi! link xmlCdata Normal
hi! link xmlCdataCdata Statement
hi! link xmlCdataEnd PreProc
hi! link xmlCdataStart PreProc
hi! link xmlDocType PreProc
hi! link xmlDocTypeDecl PreProc
hi! link xmlDocTypeKeyword PreProc
hi! link xmlEndTag Statement
hi! link xmlProcessingDelim PreProc
hi! link xmlNamespace PreProc
hi! link xmlTagName Statement