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" Vim color file
" Maintainer: Robert Melton ( vim at metacosm dot dhs dot org )
" Last Change: 2006 April 21st
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" This color scheme uses a dark grey background.
" This theme, based on evening (with some input from Torte) is designed to
" seperate active text (code) from background/line numbers/folds/listchars by
" having different background colors on the non-code and the code (just
" slightly). If you look at the screenshot below, you will get the idea.
" All non-code(include indents) and string literals have a black background
" while code has a very dark grey background.
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name = "metacosm"
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Primary (hyper/selected/colored background)
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Search
hi IncSearch guibg=black guifg=cyan
hi Search guibg=black guifg=cyan
" Visual
hi Visual guibg=yellow guifg=black
hi VisualNOS guibg=yellow guifg=black gui=underline
" Borders
hi StatusLine guibg=black guifg=#80a0ff
hi StatusLineNC guibg=black guifg=grey45
hi VertSplit guibg=black guifg=grey45
" Cursors
hi Cursor guibg=white guifg=black
hi lCursor guibg=white guifg=black
" Diff
hi DiffText guibg=red guifg=white gui=bold
hi DiffAdd guibg=darkblue guifg=white
hi DiffChange guibg=darkmagenta guifg=white
hi DiffDelete guibg=darkcyan guifg=blue gui=bold
" Misc
hi Title guifg=magenta gui=bold
hi Question guibg=black guifg=green gui=bold
hi Todo guibg=black guifg=cyan
hi Error guibg=red guifg=white
hi WildMenu guibg=cyan guifg=black
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Primary (active/code/text/grey background)
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Normal
hi Normal guibg=black guifg=white
" Constants
hi Constant guibg=black guifg=#ffa0a0
hi String guibg=black guifg=#ffa0a0
hi Character guibg=black guifg=#ffa0a0
hi Number guibg=black guifg=#ffa0a0
hi Boolean guibg=black guifg=#ffa0a0
hi Float guibg=black guifg=#ffa0a0
" Identifier
hi Identifier guibg=black guifg=#40ffff
hi Function guibg=black guifg=#40ffff
" Statement
hi Statement guibg=black guifg=#ffff60
hi Conditional guibg=black guifg=#ffff60
hi Repeat guibg=black guifg=#ffff60
hi Label guibg=black guifg=#ffff60
hi Operator guibg=black guifg=#ffff60
hi Keyword guibg=black guifg=#ffff60
hi Exception guibg=black guifg=#ffff60
" PreProc
hi PreProc guibg=black guifg=#ff80ff
hi Include guibg=black guifg=#ff80ff
hi Define guibg=black guifg=#ff80ff
hi Macro guibg=black guifg=#ff80ff
hi PreCondit guibg=black guifg=#ff80ff
" Type
hi Type guibg=black guifg=#60ff60
hi StorageClass guibg=black guifg=#60ff60
hi Structure guibg=black guifg=#60ff60
hi Typedef guibg=black guifg=#60ff60
" Special
hi Special guibg=black guifg=orange
hi SpecialChar guibg=black guifg=orange
hi Tag guibg=black guifg=orange
hi Delimiter guibg=black guifg=orange
hi Debug guibg=black guifg=orange
" Misc
hi Underlined guibg=black guifg=#ffff60 gui=underline
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Secondary (inactive/black background)
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Comments
hi Comment guibg=black guifg=#80a0ff
hi SpecialComment guibg=black guifg=#80a0ff gui=underline
" Messages
hi ModeMsg guibg=black guifg=white gui=bold
hi MoreMsg guibg=black guifg=seagreen gui=bold
hi WarningMsg guibg=black guifg=blue gui=bold
hi ErrorMsg guibg=black guifg=red gui=bold
" Folding
hi Folded guibg=black guifg=grey50
hi FoldColumn guibg=black guifg=grey30
" Misc
hi Ignore guibg=black guifg=grey45
hi NonText guibg=black guifg=grey45
hi LineNr guibg=black guifg=grey45
hi SpecialKey guibg=black guifg=grey45
hi SignColumn guibg=black guifg=grey45
hi Directory guibg=black guifg=cyan
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" Vim 7.x only
" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
hi MatchParen guibg=purple guifg=yellow
hi CursorLine guibg=grey15
hi CursorColumn guibg=grey15
hi Pmenu guibg=grey20 guifg=white
hi PmenuSel guibg=lightblue guifg=black