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"mod_tcsoft is based on the tcsoft-color scheme
"(, made by Ingo Fabbri
"I changed the cursor and the background-colors. Hope you like it.
" Author: André Kelpe <fs111 at web dot de>
" Last Change: Jan 13 10:33:46 CET 2005
set background=light
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name = "mod_tcsoft"
hi Normal guifg=#000000 guibg=floralwhite
hi Ignore guifg=bg
hi Comment guifg=#1050ff gui=italic
hi Folded guifg=black guibg=#d1cdc5
hi FoldColumn guifg=black guibg=#d1cdc5
hi Constant guifg=#666666 gui=NONE "grau
hi Special guifg=#FF0000 gui=NONE "rot
hi Identifier guifg=#993300 gui=NONE "rostfarbig
hi Statement guifg=#FF9900 gui=NONE "orange
hi PreProc guifg=#009900 gui=NONE "dunkelgrün
hi Type guifg=#FF9900 gui=bold "orange
hi Cursor guifg=#FFFFFF guibg=#000000 "schwarz
hi LineNr guifg=#000000 gui=NONE "schwarz
hi StatusLine guifg=#000000 gui=reverse,bold "schwarz
hi Title guifg=#1050ff gui=bold
hi Todo guibg=#1050ff guifg=floralwhite gui=bold
hi Search guifg=white guibg=#1050ff
hi link Function PreProc
hi link String Constant
hi link Character Constant
hi! link MoreMsg Comment
hi! link ErrorMsg Visual
hi! link WarningMsg ErrorMsg
hi! link Question Comment
hi link Number Special
hi link Boolean Constant
hi link Float Number
hi link Operator Identifier
hi link Keyword Statement
hi link Exception Statement
hi link Include PreProc
hi link Define PreProc
hi link Macro PreProc
hi link Conditional Statement
hi link Repeat Statement
hi link Label Statement
hi link PreCondit PreProc
hi link StorageClass Type
hi link Structure Type
hi link Typedef Type
hi link SpecialChar Special
hi link Delimiter Special
hi link SpecialComment Comment
hi link Debug Special