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" Vim color file - northland
" Maintainer: Luka Djigas <>
" URL:
" Version: 0.2
" Last Change: 24.11.2008. 19:13
" =====
set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name="northland"
" ===== :he highlight-groups
hi Normal gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=#001020 guisp=NONE
hi StatusLine gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=DarkRed
hi StatusLineNC gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=DarkGray
hi VertSplit gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=DarkGray
hi Cursor gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=PaleTurquoise3
hi CursorIM gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=PaleTurquoise3
hi CursorLine guibg=#003853
hi CursorColumn guibg=#003853
hi ErrorMsg gui=NONE guifg=Yellow guibg=NONE
hi WarningMsg gui=NONE guifg=Yellow guibg=NONE
hi MoreMsg gui=NONE guifg=Yellow guibg=NONE
hi Question gui=NONE guifg=Yellow guibg=NONE
hi ModeMsg gui=bold guifg=White guibg=DarkRed
"hi Directory gui=NONE guifg=DarkGreen guibg=NONE
"hi Directory gui=bold guifg=#0475B9 "---lighter blue
hi Directory gui=bold guifg=#035587 "---darker blue
hi Search gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=DarkRed
hi IncSearch gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=DarkRed
hi NonText gui=NONE guifg=DarkRed guibg=NONE
hi SpecialKey gui=NONE guifg=#999999 guibg=NONE
hi Pmenu gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=DarkRed
hi PmenuSel gui=NONE guifg=#507080 guibg=Black
hi PmenuSbar guibg=#003853
hi PmenuThumb gui=NONE guibg=Black
hi WildMenu gui=NONE guifg=#507080 guibg=Black
hi MatchParen gui=bold guifg=DarkRed guibg=NONE
hi LineNr gui=bold guifg=#507080 guibg=Black
hi Visual gui=NONE guifg=NONE guibg=DarkRed
hi VisualNOS gui=underline guifg=NONE guibg=DarkRed
hi DiffAdd gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=DarkGreen
hi DiffChange gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=DarkGray
hi DiffDelete gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=DarkRed
hi DiffText gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=NONE
hi Folded gui=bold guifg=DarkGreen guibg=Black
hi FoldColumn gui=NONE guifg=#507080 guibg=Black
hi SignColumn gui=bold guifg=DarkRed guibg=Black
hi SpellBad gui=undercurl guisp=Red
hi SpellCap gui=undercurl guisp=White
hi SpellLocal gui=undercurl guisp=Orange
hi SpellRare gui=undercurl guisp=Orange
hi TabLine gui=NONE guifg=#507080 guibg=Black
hi TabLineSel gui=bold guifg=Black guibg=#507080
hi TabLineFill gui=NONE guifg=White guibg=Black
hi Title gui=bold guifg=#507080 guibg=NONE
"hi Menu
"hi Scrollbar
"hi Tooltip
"hi User1 ... User9
" ===== :he group-name
hi Comment gui=italic guifg=DarkGray
"*Comment any comment
"hi Constant gui=none guifg=#0475B9 "---lighter blue
hi Constant gui=none guifg=#035587 "---darker blue
"*Constant any constant
" String a string constant: "this is a string"
" Character a character constant: 'c', '\n'
" Number a number constant: 234, 0xff
" Boolean a boolean constant: TRUE, false
" Float a floating point constant: 2.3e10
"hi Identifier gui=bold,italic guifg=#FB000A "---lighter
hi Identifier gui=bold,italic guifg=#BC0007 "---darker
"*Identifier any variable name
" Function function name (also: methods for classes)
"hi Statement gui=bold guifg=#FF9500 "---lighter
hi Statement gui=bold guifg=#BF6F00 "---darker
"*Statement any statement
" Conditional if, then, else, endif, switch, etc.
" Repeat for, do, while, etc.
" Label case, default, etc.
" Operator "sizeof", "+", "*", etc.
" Keyword any other keyword
" Exception try, catch, throw
"hi PreProc gui=bold,italic guifg=#640A9B "---
"hi PreProc gui=bold,italic guifg=#576D02 "---
hi PreProc gui=bold,italic guifg=#AD6141
"*PreProc generic Preprocessor
" Include preprocessor #include
" Define preprocessor #define
" Macro same as Define
" PreCondit preprocessor #if, #else, #endif, etc.
"hi Type gui=none guifg=#14AE00 "---lighter
hi Type gui=none guifg=#0F8200 "---darker
"*Type int, long, char, etc.
" StorageClass static, register, volatile, etc.
" Structure struct, union, enum, etc.
" Typedef A typedef
"hi! link Special Constant
hi! link Special Type
"*Special any special symbol
" SpecialChar special character in a constant
" Tag you can use CTRL-] on this
" Delimiter character that needs attention
" SpecialComment special things inside a comment
" Debug debugging statements
hi clear Underlined
"*Underlined text that stands out, HTML links
hi! link Ignore Constant
"*Ignore left blank, hidden
hi Error gui=bold guifg=Black guibg=Yellow
"*Error any erroneous construct
hi! link Todo LineNr
"*Todo anything that needs extra attention; mostly the
" keywords TODO FIXME and XXX
" ===== fortran
hi fortranUnitHeader gui=bold guifg=Purple
hi fortranType gui=none guifg=#0F8200
hi! link fortranTypeR fortranType
hi! link fortranStructure fortranType
hi! link fortranOperator Normal "///
hi! link fortranNumber Normal "///
hi fortranLabelNumber guifg=DarkRed
"hi fortranTodo guifg=Black guibg=#507080
"hi fortranContinueMark guifg=White guibg=DarkRed