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" Vim color file
" Maintainer: Bryant Casteel
" Web Site:
" Last Change: 2004 Jan. 22
" turbo -- Intended to look like the color scheme
" from Borland's Turbo C++ and Turbo Pascal.
set bg=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let colors_name = "turbo"
hi Normal guifg=yellow guibg=#000040 ctermfg=yellow ctermbg=black
hi ErrorMsg guifg=#ffffff guibg=#287eff ctermfg=white ctermbg=lightblue
hi Visual guifg=#8080ff guibg=fg gui=reverse ctermfg=lightblue ctermbg=fg cterm=reverse
hi VisualNOS guifg=#8080ff guibg=fg gui=reverse,underline ctermfg=lightblue ctermbg=fg cterm=reverse,underline
hi Todo guifg=#d14a14 guibg=#1248d1 ctermfg=red ctermbg=darkblue
hi Search guifg=#90fff0 guibg=#2050d0 ctermfg=white ctermbg=darkblue cterm=underline
hi IncSearch guifg=#b0ffff guibg=#2050d0 ctermfg=darkblue ctermbg=gray
hi SpecialKey guifg=cyan ctermfg=darkcyan
hi Directory guifg=cyan ctermfg=cyan
hi Title guifg=magenta gui=none ctermfg=magenta cterm=bold
hi WarningMsg guifg=red ctermfg=red
hi WildMenu guifg=yellow guibg=black ctermfg=yellow ctermbg=black cterm=none
hi ModeMsg guifg=#22cce2 ctermfg=lightblue
hi MoreMsg guifg=darkgreen ctermfg=darkgreen
hi Question guifg=green gui=none ctermfg=green cterm=none
hi NonText guifg=#0030ff ctermfg=darkblue
" Split window status bar
hi StatusLine guifg=blue guibg=yellow gui=none ctermfg=blue ctermbg=gray cterm=none
hi StatusLineNC guifg=black guibg=green gui=none ctermfg=black ctermbg=gray cterm=none
hi VertSplit guifg=black guibg=orange gui=none ctermfg=black ctermbg=gray cterm=none
" Folded code
hi Folded guifg=#808080 guibg=#000040 ctermfg=darkgrey ctermbg=black cterm=bold
hi FoldColumn guifg=#808080 guibg=#000040 ctermfg=darkgrey ctermbg=black cterm=bold
hi LineNr guifg=#90f020 ctermfg=green cterm=none
hi DiffAdd guibg=darkblue ctermbg=darkblue cterm=none
hi DiffChange guibg=darkmagenta ctermbg=magenta cterm=none
hi DiffDelete guifg=Blue guibg=DarkCyan gui=bold ctermfg=blue ctermbg=cyan
hi DiffText guibg=Red gui=bold ctermbg=red cterm=bold
" Cursor
hi Cursor guifg=#000020 guibg=#ffaf38 ctermfg=bg ctermbg=brown
hi lCursor guifg=#ffffff guibg=#000000 ctermfg=bg ctermbg=darkgreen
" Syntax highlighting:
hi Comment guifg=darkcyan ctermfg=darkcyan
hi Constant guifg=darkred ctermfg=darkred cterm=none
hi Special guifg=magenta gui=none ctermfg=magenta cterm=none
hi Identifier guifg=green ctermfg=green cterm=none
hi Statement guifg=white gui=bold ctermfg=white cterm=bold
hi PreProc guifg=darkgreen gui=none ctermfg=darkgreen cterm=none
hi type guifg=grey gui=bold ctermfg=grey cterm=bold
hi Underlined gui=underline cterm=underline
hi Ignore guifg=bg ctermfg=bg