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" Vim color file
" Maintainer:
" Last Change: today... oh yes, it's 16.9.03
" URL:
" cool help screens
" :he group-name
" :he highlight-groups
" :he cterm-colors
" your pick:
set background=dark " or light
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name="umber-green"
"hi Normal
" OR
" highlight clear Normal
" set background&
" highlight clear
" if &background == "light"
" highlight Error ...
" ...
" else
" highlight Error ...
" ...
" endif
" A good way to see what your colorscheme does is to follow this procedure:
" :w
" :so %
" Then to see what the current setting is use the highlight command.
" For example,
" :hi Cursor
" gives
" Cursor xxx guifg=bg guibg=fg
" Uncomment and complete the commands you want to change from the default.
hi Cursor guibg=#ffffff
"hi CursorIM
"hi Directory
"hi DiffAdd
"hi DiffChange
"hi DiffDelete
"hi DiffText
"hi ErrorMsg
"hi VertSplit
"hi Folded
"hi FoldColumn
"hi IncSearch
hi LineNr guifg=#e2844d guibg=#000000
"hi ModeMsg
"hi MoreMsg
"hi NonText
"hi Question
"hi Search
"hi SpecialKey
hi StatusLine guifg=#ffffff
hi StatusLineNC guifg=#ffffff
"hi Title
"hi Visual
"hi VisualNOS
"hi WarningMsg
"hi WildMenu
"hi Menu
"hi Scrollbar
"hi Tooltip
" syntax highlighting groups
hi Normal guifg=#eeaa11 guibg=#333333
hi Comment guifg=#ff5555
hi Constant guifg=#eeaa11
hi Identifier guifg=#0000ff
hi Statement guifg=#77ee44
hi PreProc guifg=#ff0000
hi Type guifg=#eecc88
hi Special guifg=#ddffcc
"hi Underlined
"hi Ignore
"hi Error
"hi Todo