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学习django系列 - osqa


  1. pydev debugger: warning: psyco not available for speedups (the debugger will still work correctly, but a bit slower)

  2. 更改目录设置,保证在pydev下运行


  1. nedtree create dir

    When in the NERDTree window, press 'm'


  1. git

    git remote add origin git push -u origin master

  2. setup 芝麻问答 code: ,use django,tornado? same other:

    install packages for osqa: easy_install django easy_install html5lib easy_install markdown easy_install python-openid easy_install south easy_install django-debug-toolbar easy_install mysql-python

    sudo ./bin/pip install -U html5lib markdown python-openid django-debug-toolbar mysql-python

    syncdb and migrate python syncdb --all python migrate forum --fake python migrate attachments python migrate python createsuperuser python runserver

    other error: a. ImportError: cannot import name mark_safe

    In /forum/utils/ replace from django.template import mark_safe with from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe


    b. django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: App with label attachments could not be found --没影响

    c. copy to

    set APP_URL = "http://...."

    d. add tornado server run: python

  3. vim nedtree

    delete file Highlight the file you want to delete Press ‘m’ Press ‘d’ Press ‘y’

  4. add docs


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