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Now you should have successfully deployed your Sinatra application on nginx and
+### Stopping the server
+So now that you're using nginx and unicorn, at some point you might end up
+asking yourself: How do I stop this thing?
+Here's how:
+ $ ps -ax | grep unicorn
+This will output the processes running unicorn, in the first column should be
+the process id (pid). In order to stop unicorn in it's tracks:
+ kill -9 <PID>
+There should be a `master` process which once that is killed, the
+workers should follow. Feel free to search the processes again to make sure
+they've all stopped before restarting.
+To stop nginx you can use a similar technique as above, or if you've got the
+nginx init scripts installed on any debian-based system use:
+ sudo /etc/init.d/nginx stop
+That should wrap things up for deploying nginx and unicorn, for more
+information on stopping the server look into `man ps` and `man kill`.
Lighttpd Proxied to Thin {#deployment_lighttpd}

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