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-Documentation in "book" form for the Sinatra Web Framework.
-It'll probably be cookbook style recipes, along with a more linear tutorial to get you started.
-Note that nothing has yet been written. Join us on IRC ( #sinatra) if you need help with anything.
-File Layout:
-book/ - Text of the book. In maruku's markdown format.
-images/ - Images, Diagrams, Funny Pictures
-source/ - Any source examples to be included into the book
-Sinatra URL:
4 README.markdown
@@ -23,9 +23,9 @@ Learn more about Sinatra at
How to build the Book
-You need following gems to build the book:
+Make sure you have all the required dependencies to build the book:
- gem install thor maruku
+ bundle check
In the root directory, launch the following Thor task:

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