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@@ -59,74 +59,43 @@ framework. You need to have Git version control software installed
these steps:
gem install rake
1. cd where/you/keep/your/projects
2. git clone git://
3. cd sinatra
4. rake install
-Then add this to your application:
- require 'sinatra'
Alternatively you can use bundler (
- gem install bundler
-Let's setup a quick modularized Sinatra application to show us which version
-we're running.
-If you're using bundler, you'll have to create a gemfile listening sinatra's
-dependencies; and other gem dependencies. In your application's root create
-your 'Gemfile'.
- #~/Gemfile
- gem "sinatra", :git => "git://"
- source ""
- gem "rack"
-In this example we will use [rack](http:// You
-could setup bundler to use the git version, but that is up to you.
-Go ahead and create a new file '' in your application's root.
- #~/
- require 'rubygems'
- require 'bundler'
- Bundler.setup
- require 'sinatra'
- # possible environment setup options
- set :env, :development
- set :port, 4567
- disable :run, :reload
- require 'my_app.rb'
+ gem install bundler
- run MyApp
+To use edge sinatra with bundler, you'll have to create a gemfile listing
+sinatra's dependencies; and other dependencies for your application. In your
+application's root create your 'Gemfile':
-To start your sinatra rack application just `rackup` from your application's
+ gem 'sinatra', :git => 'git://'
+ source ''
- rackup
+Here we use the gemcutter source to specify where to get Sinatra's
+dependencies; alternatively you can use the git version, but that is up to you.
+So now we can install our bundle:
-You can check the version you are running by adding this route to your
-application (my_app.rb) and loading `http://localhost:9292/about` in your
- get '/about' do
- "I'm running on Version " + Sinatra::VERSION
- end
+ bundle install
Hello World Application
Sinatra is installed, how about making your first application?
require 'rubygems'
+ # If you're using bundler, you will need to add these 2 lines
+ require 'bundler'
+ Bundler.setup
require 'sinatra'
get '/' do

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