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Add a slider to the spree homepage

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Add a slider to the homepage of your spree site


To install, add spree_slider to your Gemfile and run `bundle install`:

gem 'spree_slider'

This extension uses two sliders plugins: Nivo and Anything slider
Depending on which plugin you want to install, run the following command:

Anything slider

rails generate spree_slider:install_anything

Nivo slider

rails generate spree_slider:install_nivo

The slider is almost unstyled. To customize you have to add your own css and
eventually modify the partial copied into your app folder:

Dynamic content management

To add dynamic content, go to the spree admin section, under ‘Configuration’
and find the Spree Slider menu.

Copyright © 2012 R.S.A. released under the New BSD License

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