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🚫 📡 A collection of awesome resources for learning about Offline-First movement
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awesome-offline Awesome

Useful resources for creating Offline projects

Inspired by the awesome list thing.

What is a offline-first movement?

We live in a disconnected & battery powered world, but our technology and best practices are a leftover from the always connected & steadily powered past.

Offline capability is a key characteristic of modern Progressive Web Applications. Offline first thinking must learn from and further what we’ve seen work with Responsive and Mobile First thinking.

Work In Progress

Pull Requests are welcome

I found website in 2014 and later I've made my own list required to work during commuting to destination (offline or with Lo-Fi read not OK internet connection)



Design / UI


  • Dat - Sync data across the distributed web.
  • IPFS - (the InterPlanetary File System) is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities.




  • offline NPM - Docker is must-have, syncs in approx 6h, great for internet-less conferences)



  • GunDB - A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine
  • - A backend for Offline First applications
  • Hyperlog - Merkle DAG that replicates based on scuttlebutt logs and causal linking
  • Webtorrent - Streaming torrent client for the web
  • IndexedDB Libraries worth checking out
  • Dexie.js (~16KB, Promises, complex queries, secondary indices)
  • localForage (~8KB, Promises, good legacy browser support)
  • idb-keyval (<500 bytes, Promises, use if need key-value support)
  • idb (~1.7KB, Promises, also does iteration, indexing)
  • PouchDB (~45KB (supports custom builds), synchronization)
  • Lovefield
  • ydn-db (dexie-like, works with WebSQL)
  • LokiJS (in-memory)
  • Scuttlebot is an open source peer-to-peer log store used as a database, identity provider, and messaging system.
  • Service Workers
  • Awesome Service Workers
  • [sw-precache](sw-precache (offline precaching for static assets/application shells) (offline precaching for static assets/application shells)
  • sw-toolbox (offline caching for dynamic/runtime requests)


Random stash

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