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are you admin?:ruadmin 给你答案

ruadmin is a logon Brute Force tool, for windows privilege escalation, but also system management. ruadmin has been developed in the hope that it will be useful for penetration tester and everyone else that plans to use it for ethical reasons. plz do not use in any illegal purposes.

there are some command line options:

  • --help: show this summary info of all options.
  • --user: by default ruadmin checks all windows OS users (inclue hidden user like yangyangwithgnu$). this option checks only one user.
  • --base-passwds-file: by default ruadmin load built-in base passwds list (about 40,000 chinese and europe-america and hackers weakness passwds). this option load base passwords from file.
  • --se-keywords-file: ruadmin handle base passwds and social engineering keywords, to generate new passwds dict. this option load social engineering keywords from file. attention, keywords will make passwds dict become verrrrrrry huge, so, you'd better set one or two keywords.
  • --one-quit: by default ruadmin checks all passwords for all users. this option quit after the first passwd found for any user.

happy hacking!

(BTW, u can get the exe in Release/



ruadmin is a logon *Brute Force* tool, for windows privilege escalation, but also system management.






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