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The Summary of Projects

Project Key Idea Publication Paper
Aided INS with
Obs analysis ICRA 18 Aided Inertial Navigation with Geometric Features:
Observability Analysis
Obs analysis
Unified representation
ICRA 19 Aided Inertial Navigation:
Unified Feature Representations and Observability Analysis
Summary of ICRA 18&19 TRO 19 Observability Analysis of Aided INS with
Heterogeneous Features of Points, Lines and Planes
VINS with point/plane ICRA 19 Tightly-Coupled Aided Inertial Navigation with
Point and Plane Features
VINS with point/line IROS 19 Visual-Inertial Odometry with
Point and Line Features
CP plane representation
LiDAR aide Inertial navigation
IROS 18* LIPS: LiDAR-Inertial 3D Plane SLAM
Sensor Calibration Degenerate motion for
spatial-temporal calibration
RAL 19 Degenerate Motion Analysis for Aided INS with
Online Spatial and Temporal Sensor Calibration
Degenerate motions for
IMU intrinsics
RSS 20 Online IMU Intrinsic Calibration:
Is It Necessary?
Spatial-temporal calibration
for multi-sensor
VINS workshop
iCalib: Inertial Aided Multi-Sensor Calibration
Multi-IMU spatial-temporal
and intrinsic calibration
On going Multi-Visual-Inertial Fusion:
Algorithm and Analysis
Estimator Design Modularized and analytic
IMU integration
ICRA 20 Analytic Combined IMU Integration (ACI2)
for Visual Inertial Navigation
An open-sourced code for
VINS research
ICRA 20* OpenVINS: A research Platform for
Visual-Inertial Estimation
Secure estimation under
adversarial attacks
ISRR 17 Map-Based Localization
Under Adversarial Attacks
Null space is equivalent to
Schur complement
IROS 17 Null Space Based Marginalization:
Analysis and Algorithm
Multi-sensor fusion IMU + LiDAR + GPS +
Wheel + Cam
ICRA 21* Efficient Multi-Sensor Aided Inertial Navigation
with Online Calibration
IMU + 2D LiDAR + Wheel IROS 20* Versatile 3D Multi-Sensor Fusion for
Lightweight 2D Localization
IMU + Wheel + Cam IROS 20* Visual-Inertial-Wheel Odometry
with Online Calibration
LiDAR + IMU + Cam IROS 20* LIC-Fusion 2.0: LiDAR-Inertial-Camera Odometry with
Sliding-Window Plane-Feature Tracking
Stereo + LiDAR map JFR 20* Multimodal Localization: Stereo over LiDAR Map
IMU + Cam + LiDAR map RAL 19* Visual-Inertial localization with
Prior LiDAR Map Constraints
Target tracking Visual inertial target tracking RAL 19* Tightly-Coupled Visual-Inertial Localization and
3D Rigid-Body Target Tracking
Cooperative interception
for common feature update
ICRA 21* Cooperative Visual-Inertial Odometry


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