a file manager that lets you use your text editor for manipulations
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hroamer lets you use a text editor specified by the EDITOR environment variable (defaults to vim if not set) to copy / move files from one directory to another.

My original intent of writing hroamer is for me to work on something more real world using Haskell.

Inspired by roamer: https://github.com/abaldwin88/roamer

Demo on asciinema



  • Linux. I believe this should also work on other UNIX systems but I have not tried.
  • SQLite 3
  • Stack


This project makes use of Stack.

To build and install:

stack build
stack install hroamer

This will build and install the hroamer binary to ~/.local/bin/hroamer. For convenience, you may want to append the ${HOME}/.local/bin directory to your PATH environment variable.


Suppose you want to shift some files from /home/linda/workspace/poseidon to /home/linda/workspace/zeus.

In 2 different terminals, use 1 terminal to cd to the first directory and use the other terminal to cd to the second directory. Then launch ~/.local/bin/hroamer on both terminals.

Suppose you see the following contents in your text editor for /home/linda/workspace/poseidon:

" /home/linda/workspace/poseidon
.git/ | 59472a7b-4b52-456b-bcb7-4c36f048a6bc | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/.git
.gitignore | 68900438-f70e-4004-ad9f-6d32cc386178 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/.gitignore
README.md | 76a1aa25-7c70-4774-84c3-36ae495d42a0 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/README.md
hash.py | af48298a-5d8c-43f1-97a6-595e08e0783f | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/hash.py
main.c | ee8a97dd-e269-4f6e-9565-c1f3fd0457b1 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/main.c
scripts/ | e4f0c1ab-2cb2-467b-b4f8-915fb82e5053 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/scripts/

This is a listing of the files in /home/linda/workspace/poseidon that can be moved / copied by hroamer. You will see something similar in the text editor for the other directory /home/linda/workspace/zeus.

Suppose you want to copy the hash.py file and the scripts directory to /home/linda/workspace/zeus. Simply copy and paste the line beginning with hash.py and the line beginning with scripts/ to the text editor launched by hroamer in the /home/linda/workspace/zeus directory. Then save and exit both text editors (in any order).

In the terminal for /home/linda/workspace/zeus, you should see the following output:

hroamer: sigaction
cp /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/hash.py /home/linda/workspace/zeus/hash.py
cp -R /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/scripts /home/linda/workspace/zeus/scripts

In /home/linda/workspace/zeus, you should see a copy of the hash.py file and the scripts directory from /home/linda/workspace/poseidon.

Ignore the hroamer: sigaction line; it is output by the unix library because hroamer uses some signal handlers to perform cleanup of temporary files. So far, I have been unable to prevent the library from outputting this.

Usage details

Anatomy of a line

All lines beginning with a " are treated as comments. Hence, the first line we see in the text editor of the Quickstart section:

" /home/linda/workspace/poseidon

will be ignored by hroamer and is only there to show the user what the cwd is.

This line:

main.c | ee8a97dd-e269-4f6e-9565-c1f3fd0457b1 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/main.c

has 3 parts, each separated by a |.

The first part is main.c. This is the filename. Directory names will end with a slash to make it easy to distinguish between files and directories. This is a mandatory component of the line.

The second part is ee8a97dd-e269-4f6e-9565-c1f3fd0457b1. This is the randomly generated UUID of the file / directory and is unique. This is mandatory component of the line.

The third part is /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/main.c. This is the original path to the file / directory. This is not a mandatory component of the line.

hroamer uses the UUID to identify the source file / directory that needs to be copied to the destination. This UUID is not dependent on the contents of the file / directory and is globally unique. The name before the UUID allows the user to specify the destination filename. If unchanged, the destination file / directory will have the same name as the source.

We mentioned that the part after the second | is not important - that is true and it is something I added for improved clarity on where a file was originally from, because UUIDs are not exactly human-friendly. Therefore, to hroamer, the following 2 lines are equivalent:

main.c | ee8a97dd-e269-4f6e-9565-c1f3fd0457b1
main.c | ee8a97dd-e269-4f6e-9565-c1f3fd0457b1 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/main.c

Moving files / directories

Instead of copy and paste, use cut and paste.

Use different name for destination file / directory

Just modify the name before the first | to what you want. Using the example in our Quickstart section, if we want to copy the hash.py file but name it as run.py, we will modify the line that was copy-and-pasted to:

run.py | af48298a-5d8c-43f1-97a6-595e08e0783f | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/hash.py

Delete files / directories

Just delete the line from the text editor.

However, the file / directory will not truly be deleted. A new directory (whose name is the uuid after the first |) will be created in ~/.local/share/hroamer/trash-copy and the file / directory will be shifted there.

Relative paths and absolute paths

If you are too lazy to open a second hroamer instance, you can do the same work in just 1 window by using relative paths and absolute paths. Using the same example as in our Quickstart section, you will launch hroamer in /home/linda/workspace/poseidon and edit the contents to a state similar to the following (take note of the final 2 lines):

" /home/linda/workspace/poseidon
.git/ | 59472a7b-4b52-456b-bcb7-4c36f048a6bc | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/.git
.gitignore | 68900438-f70e-4004-ad9f-6d32cc386178 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/.gitignore
README.md | 76a1aa25-7c70-4774-84c3-36ae495d42a0 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/README.md
hash.py | af48298a-5d8c-43f1-97a6-595e08e0783f | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/hash.py
main.c | ee8a97dd-e269-4f6e-9565-c1f3fd0457b1 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/main.c
scripts/ | e4f0c1ab-2cb2-467b-b4f8-915fb82e5053 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/scripts/
../zeus/hash.py | af48298a-5d8c-43f1-97a6-595e08e0783f | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/hash.py
/home/linda/workspace/zeus/scripts | e4f0c1ab-2cb2-467b-b4f8-915fb82e5053 | /home/linda/workspace/poseidon/scripts/

Then save and quit the text editor. This uses:

  • the relative path ../zeus/hash.py to copy hash.py to /home/linda/workspace/zeus/hash.py
  • the absolute path /home/linda/workspace/zeus/scripts to copy the scripts directory there

For moving files / directory, simply edit the original line in place.

Note that the order of the lines do not matter. You can also specify as many different relative / absolute paths as you like.

Paths that are not supported by hroamer

  • Any file or directory with whitespace characters anywhere in its absolute path. Whitespace characters include but are not limited to the space character, the tab character, the newline character
  • Any file or directory beginning with a " character

Other violations:

  • Using hroamer to manage any directory under $XDG_DATA_HOME/hroamer (defaults to ~/.local/share/hroamer). This is forbidden because hroamer uses that directory to store some state
  • Duplicate filenames in the same text editor
  • Trying to override the directory or any of its ancestors for the currently active hroamer session. But this does not prevent you from opening another hroamer session to do so


To run the tests:

stack test

Warnings about the code

Because this is the first non-trivial Haskell project I've worked on

  • Some of the code looks awful and there are probably a good number of non idiomatic usages of Haskell. I have tried to make the code as Haskell as possible, to the best of my ability
  • Usage of cabal file may be wrong in that I didn't specify library versions



MIT License, Copyright (c) 2017-2018 Pang Yan Han