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AngularJS tutorial

This repository contains the accompanying code for an introductory tutorial to AngularJS that I've written at

System requirements

  • Linux/UNIX like operating system
  • Python 2.7
  • virtualenv (for Python 2.7)

For running the unit tests, you will need:

  • node.js (0.10.15 is the version tested with this code)
  • karma (0.10.2 is the version tested with this code)
  • phantomjs (1.9.1 is the version tested with this code)

Setting up

The file is used to

  • create the sqlite3 database
  • create a virtualenv folder
  • install the Python dependencies

To run it:


Running the program

First, run the setup script as outlined in the Setting up section above in case you haven't.

Then, source the venv folder created by the setup script. Take note that there is a . character (a period) right at the start:

. venv/bin/activate

You should see a "(venv)" string beside your command prompt. This means that we are currently inside the virtualenv (the virtualenv is inside the venv folder). From now on, whenever you type python on the command prompt, you will be using the Python interpreter inside the venv/bin folder instead of the one installed globally on your system. The virtualenv also includes its own pip and installs python packages to the virtualenv instead of installing them globally.

Next, run:


This will start the server application. You can now go to to play around with it.

Stopping the program

To stop, simply kill off the python using Ctrl-C.

To get out of the virtualenv, at the command line, run:


Running Tests

In order to run the tests, you will need global installations of karma and phantomjs. (You don't actually need phantomjs, but you will have to edit the karma configuration file.)

You will require root privileges for the following commands.

To install karma 0.10.2,

npm install -g karma@0.10.2

To install phantomjs 1.9.1,

npm install -g phantomjs@1.9.1

To run the tests from the repository root:

karma start test/test.conf.js

To run the tests at the test folder:

cd test
karma test.conf.js