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0.1.6 - Updated to use libalpm 7 - Uppercase input now works for questions to editing PKGBUILDs, etc
0.1.5 - --noconfirm option
- --list-aur option to list installed AUR packages
- -S: Only resolve deps for new / out-of-date AUR packages - Allow installing of packages as root
- Per user directories for downloading packages. Please comment out
the "TmpDir" option in your powaur.conf for this to take effect
- For -S, print immediate dependencies
- For -S, only print dependency graph when --debug is supplied
0.1.4 - -Su added to check for outdated AUR packages
- --crawl operation to give valid topological order for packages
- Dependency resolution for -S
- Provides resolution for -G --deps
- --check option for -Su - Handle '<' in PKGBUILDS
0.1.3 - Colorized output is now available! - Update helptext to include --threads
0.1.2 - Multithreaded downloading of packages is now supported
- Add "MaxThreads" option in config file
- Add --threads option to specify maximum no. of threads.
- Add --deps flag for -G. By default, dependency resolution is
turned off
0.1.1 - -G flag now resolves dependencies
- Removed unsuccessfully downloaded packages
- Add verbose flag
0.1 - Initial release