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There are some things that powaur does internally which I think deserves a
quick bird's-eye view somewhere; hence this document.
Currently, there is only 1 hardcoded setting about pacman - which is where
the configuration file is located (/etc/rc.conf).
powaur parses the following settings from the options section of
- RootDir
- DBPath
- CacheDir
In addition, /etc/rc.conf is also checked for sync repositories. Only the
repository name itself is parsed and registered as a sync database.
Now this is the screwed up part. powaur ASSUMES that most users don't mess
around with the comments in /etc/rc.conf and leave them intact.
Algorithm for parsing /etc/rc.conf (Assuming we are inside [options]):
1. If line is a comment, remove '#' character and compare against "RootDir",
"DBPath", "CacheDir". These are "commented options". Their non-comment
versions are "official options".
If it matches and we don't have the same commented option or
official option, set the value of the option to what we get after the
'=' character. Subsequent matchings to the same commented option will
NOT be considered.
2. Else if line is not a comment, compare against "RootDir", "DBPath",
If it matches and we don't have an official option, then set the value
of the option to what we get after the '=' character. Subsequent matches
to the same commented option will NOT be considered. Subsequent matches
to the same non-commented option will be deemed an error.
End of Algorithm
In other words, powaur will look at comment lines for default settings if
you choose not to change them. Then it tries to find a changed setting and
change to it.
Line no. /etc/rc.conf
1 #RootDir=/
2 #RootDir=/etc
3 RootDir=/
4 #RootDir=/bleh
1. First, line 1 is parsed and though it is a commented line, RootDir is not set.
So RootDir is set to /
2. Then, we encounter a commented RootDir again. powaur ignores this line since
we already parsed a commented version of it above.
3. A non-commented RootDir is encountered. We set the RootDir to / . This is
the final change to RootDir.
4. We encounter a commented RootDir = /bleh. Since the official RootDir is now
set, we ignore this and subsequent commented RootDir.
Assuming we can't find anything (not even commented versions) of the above,
we fall back to the defaults of:
RootDir = /
DBPath = /var/lib/pacman/
CacheDir = /var/cache/pacman/pkg/
PHEW. Yes that's it. I know it's screwed up, I cursed at myself when writing
the code for it and had a hard time doing it. So I just did it.
Now, give yourself a round of applause if you've made it so far. The rest is
all easy stuff.
Currently, powaur looks for its configuration file (powaur.conf) in:
If these files don't exist, powaur falls back to its default settings.
Only 1 and 1 of the above files will be parsed.
In the case that not all settings are specified in the config file, powaur
wll fall back to defaults for those unspecified settings.
powaur offers a form of partial dependency resolution. Why do I say partial?
Because we do not take into account of:
1. Version strings
2. Conflicts
Currently, dependency resolution works by
1. Checking immediate dependencies
2. "Normalize" dependencies, ie. to say, find it in a local/sync database OR
provides, then finally the AUR
3. For any dependencies from the AUR, goto step 1
A dependency graph is built and topologically sorted and checked for cyclic
dependencies. The operation will abort when cyclic dependencies are detected.
That's all for now. Thanks for reading!