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#include <alpm.h>
/* Opaque */
struct hash_table;
/* hash table type */
enum hash_type {
/* Exposed for graph data structure */
struct vidx_node {
void *data;
int idx;
/* returns an appropriate allocation size */
unsigned int new_alloc_size(unsigned int old_sz);
* General hash table functions
typedef unsigned long (*pw_hash_fn) (void *);
typedef int (*pw_hashcmp_fn) (const void *, const void *);
struct hash_table *hash_new(enum hash_type type, pw_hash_fn hash, pw_hashcmp_fn hashcmp);
void hash_free(struct hash_table *htable);
void hash_insert(struct hash_table *table, void *data);
void *hash_search(struct hash_table *table, void *data);
/* Given a piece of data, find its position in the table.
* returns index of data if found, returns -1 if not found */
int hash_pos(struct hash_table *table, void *data);
/* Returns a list of data pointers in the hash table.
* This is only valid for HASH_TABLE for now. It will return NULL for other tables
alpm_list_t *hash_to_list(struct hash_table *table);
/* Iterates over hash table and applies function to non-null entries,
* equivalent to map fn list in functional languages.
* Only valid for HASH_TABLE for now
void hash_walk(struct hash_table *table, void (*fn) (void *));
* Hash BST functions
/* Associative array, maps key to a tree of values */
struct hashbst;
/* tree_search function prototype
* @param search external search structure
* @param val value to search for
typedef void *(*hbst_search_fn) (void *search, void *val);
struct hashbst *hashbst_new(pw_hash_fn hashfn, pw_hashcmp_fn hashcmp);
void hashbst_free(struct hashbst *hbst);
void hashbst_insert(struct hashbst *hbst, void *key, void *val);
/* Search for a key in search structure search fulfilling criteria given by fn
* @param hbst hash bst
* @param key key to search for in hash bst
* @param search external search structure
* @param fn function to use in search walking
void *hashbst_tree_search(struct hashbst *hbst, void *key, void *search, hbst_search_fn fn);
* Hash Map functions
/* Opaque */
struct hashmap;
struct hashmap *hashmap_new(pw_hash_fn hashfn, pw_hashcmp_fn hashcmp);
void hashmap_free(struct hashmap *hmap);
void hashmap_insert(struct hashmap *hmap, void *key, void *val);
/* Searches hashmap for a given key
* returns the value corresponding to key if it's in hashmap, NULL otherwise.
* @param hmap hash map
* @param key key to search for
void *hashmap_search(struct hashmap *hmap, void *key);