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#include <alpm_list.h>
#include "hash.h"
#include "memlist.h"
#include "powaur.h"
/* Used for dependency resolution */
struct pw_hashdb {
/* Tables of struct pkgpair */
struct hash_table *local;
struct hash_table *sync;
struct hash_table *aur;
/* Resolved packages */
struct hash_table *aur_downloaded;
struct hash_table *aur_outdated;
alpm_list_t *immediate_deps;
struct hashbst *local_provides;
struct hashbst *sync_provides;
/* Cache provided->providing key-value mapping */
struct hashmap *provides_cache;
/* Cache which database resolved packages come from,
* string->enum pkgfrom_t
struct hashmap *pkg_from;
/* Backing store for strings and pkgpair */
struct memlist *strpool;
struct memlist *pkgpool;
/* Constant stuff */
enum pkgfrom_t pkg_from_unknown;
enum pkgfrom_t pkg_from_local;
enum pkgfrom_t pkg_from_sync;
enum pkgfrom_t pkg_from_aur;
struct pw_hashdb *hashdb_new(void);
void hashdb_free(struct pw_hashdb *hashdb);
struct pw_hashdb *build_hashdb(void);
/* Used for hashing, pkg can be alpm_pkg_t or aurpkg_t */
struct pkgpair {
const char *pkgname;
void *pkg;
unsigned long pkgpair_sdbm(void *pkg);
int pkgpair_cmp(const void *a, const void *b);
/* Searches htable for given package val
* Provided to hashbst_tree_search */
void *provides_search(void *htable, void *val);