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#include <limits.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <alpm_list.h>
#include "error.h"
#include "powaur.h"
#include "environment.h"
#include "wrapper.h"
int powaur_backup(alpm_list_t *targets);
int pw_printf(enum pwloglevel_t lvl, const char *fmt, ...)
__attribute__((format (printf, 2, 3)));
int pw_fprintf(enum pwloglevel_t lvl, FILE *stream, const char *fmt, ...)
__attribute__((format (printf, 3, 4)));
int pw_vfprintf(enum pwloglevel_t lvl, FILE *stream, const char *fmt, va_list ap)
__attribute__((format (printf, 3, 0)));
int extract_file(const char *filename);
int getcols(void);
char *strtrim(char *line);
int wait_or_whine(pid_t pid, char *argv0);
void indent_print(enum pwloglevel_t lvl, alpm_list_t *list, size_t indent);
void print_list(alpm_list_t *list, const char *prefix);
void print_list_break(alpm_list_t *list, const char *prefix);
void print_list_deps(alpm_list_t *list, const char *prefix);
void print_pkginfo(alpm_list_t *list);
int yesno(const char *fmt, ...);
int mcq(const char *qn, const char *array, int arraySize, int preset);
char *have_dotinstall(void);
alpm_list_t *list_diff(alpm_list_t *left, alpm_list_t *right,
alpm_list_fn_cmp cmpfn);
alpm_list_t *list_intersect(alpm_list_t *left, alpm_list_t *right,
alpm_list_fn_cmp cmpfn);
#define MINI_BUFSZ 60
#define ASSERT(somecond, someact) do {\
if (!(somecond)) {\
} while (0)
#define PW_SETERRNO(errnum) do {\
pwerrno = errnum;\
pw_fprintf(PW_LOG_ERROR, stderr, "%s: %s\n", __func__, pw_strerrorlast());\
} while (0)
#define CLEAR_ERRNO() do {\
pwerrno = PW_ERR_OK;\
} while (0)
#define RET_ERR(errnum, retval) do {\
pwerrno = errnum;\
pw_printf(PW_LOG_ERROR, "%s: %s\n", __func__, pw_strerror(errnum));\
return retval;\
} while (0)
#define RET_ERR_VOID(errnum) do {\
pwerrno = errnum;\
} while (0)
#define CALLOC(myptr, nmemb, mysz, act) do {\
myptr = xcalloc(nmemb, mysz);\
if (!myptr) {\
} while (0)
#define MALLOC(myptr, mysz, act) do {\
myptr = malloc(mysz);\
if (!myptr) {\
} while (0)
#define STRDUP(mydest, myorig, act) do {\
mydest = strdup(myorig);\
if (!mydest) {\
} while(0)
#define FREE(myptr) if (myptr) { free(myptr); }
#define FCLOSE(myfp) if (myfp) { fclose(myfp); myfp = NULL; }
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