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Prepare for v0.1.4

Signed-off-by: Pang Yan Han <>
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@@ -1,5 +1,10 @@
+0.1.4 - -Su added to check for outdated AUR packages
+ - --crawl operation to give valid topological order for packages
+ - Dependency resolution for -S
+ - Provides resolution for -G --deps
+ - --check option for -Su - Handle '<' in PKGBUILDS
0.1.3 - Colorized output is now available! - Update helptext to include --threads
@@ -6,10 +6,12 @@ a yaourt / pacman esque interface to the AUR.
Currently, powaur supports:
+- Installing packages from the AUR with dependency resolution (v0.1.4)
+- Checking for outdated AUR packages and updating them (v0.1.4)
+- Showing a valid topological order for packages (v0.1.4)
- Multithreaded downloading of packages from the AUR with dependency resolution
- Searching for packages on the AUR
- Querying local and sync databases for package information
-- Installing packages from the AUR (no dependency resolution)
- Backing up your pacman local database
- Colorized output (new in v0.1.3)
@@ -39,18 +41,6 @@ Inspiration for powaur has come from:
- git
-Currently, the `-S` flag does not do any dependency resolution when it comes
-to installing packages. What it does is:
-- Downloads the tarball packages from the AUR
-- Unzips them in `/tmp/powaur`
-- Asks the user to edit the PKGBUILD
-- Invokes `makepkg -s` to install the package
@@ -76,7 +66,7 @@ Some source code in powaur comes from the following projects:
-Please email bug reports to .
+Please email bug reports to .
@@ -110,17 +110,23 @@ In the case that not all settings are specified in the config file, powaur
wll fall back to defaults for those unspecified settings.
-The -G flag supports a limited form of dependency resolution. It DOES NOT
-recognize version strings, ie. to say if you have something like:
+powaur offers a form of partial dependency resolution. Why do I say partial?
+Because we do not take into account of:
+1. Version strings
+2. Conflicts
-inside a PKGBUILD, powaur recognizes the "pacman" part and discards the version
+Currently, dependency resolution works by
+1. Checking immediate dependencies
+2. "Normalize" dependencies, ie. to say, find it in a local/sync database OR
+ provides, then finally the AUR
+3. For any dependencies from the AUR, goto step 1
+A dependency graph is built and topologically sorted and checked for cyclic
+dependencies. The operation will abort when cyclic dependencies are detected.
That's all for now. Thanks for reading!
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-.TH POWAUR 1 "31-05-2011" "powaur" "powaur manual"
+.TH POWAUR 1 "10-06-2011" "powaur" "powaur manual"
powaur \- an AUR helper with a pacman-like interface
@@ -27,19 +27,28 @@ packages are provided, all installed packages will be queried.
.B "-S, --sync"
Synchronize packages. When used with no options, at least one target is
required and powaur will attempt to install the target package(s) from the AUR.
-There is no dependency resolution.
+Dependency resolution is now available.
Note that the use of this flag to install AUR packages is discouraged.
You are adviced to use the -G flag to download PKGBUILDS and review them
before installing them using makepkg.
+.B "-B, --backup"
+Backup the local pacman database. See Backup Usage.
+.B "--crawl <package(s)>"
+Shows a valid topological order for the given package(s). The package(s) can
+be from local or sync databases or the AUR. For installed AUR packages, a fresh
+copy of the PKGBUILD will be downloaded and dependency resolution is based on
+the PKGBUILD instead of information in the local database.
+NOTE: This option only shows a single valid topological order (there may be
+many other valid topological orders) for the packages.
.B "-M, --maintainer <person>"
Search the AUR for packages maintained by person. 1 and only 1 maintainer must
be specified.
-.B "-B, --backup"
-Backup the local pacman database. See Backup Usage.
.B "-h, --help"
Displays help message and exits.
@@ -93,6 +102,10 @@ Searches installed packages for the specified package(s). If no packages were
specified, then all installed packages will be listed.
+.B "--check"
+Only meaningful when used with -u. Will stop -Su before package upgrading. Use
+this flag to check for outdated AUR packages without upgrading them.
.B "-i, --info"
Searches sync databases, followed by AUR for package information. If no
packages were specified, then information on all packages from all sync
@@ -102,6 +115,10 @@ databases is displayed.
Searches the AUR for a specified package. Currently, there is only support for
searching for 1 package.
+.B "-u, --upgrade"
+Checks all locally installed AUR packages and updates any outdated AUR packages,
+with all relevant dependencies resolved.
.B "--vote"
Used with -s. Orders search results from the AUR by vote count instead of
@@ -146,6 +163,6 @@ Dave Reisner - For his kind permission to let powaur use code from cower
pacman, git - Source code was used from both of these projects, especially
-Please email bug reports to <>
+Please email bug reports to <>
Pang Yan Han <>

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