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Copyright (c) 1994-2006 Tim Bunce
See the COPYRIGHT section in the Oracle.pm file for terms.
/* ====== Include Oracle Header Files ====== */
#define signed /* Oracle headers use signed */
/* The following define avoids a problem with Oracle >=7.3 where
* ociapr.h has the line:
* sword obindps(struct cda_def *cursor, ub1 opcode, text *sqlvar, ...
* In some compilers that clashes with perls 'opcode' enum definition.
#define opcode opcode_redefined
/* Hack to fix broken Oracle oratypes.h on OSF Alpha. Sigh. */
#if defined(__osf__) && defined(__alpha)
#ifndef A_OSF
#define A_OSF
/* egcs-1.1.2 does not have _int64 */
#if defined(__MINGW32__) || defined(__CYGWIN32__)
#define _int64 long long
/* ori.h uses 'dirty' as an arg name in prototypes so we use this */
/* hack to prevent ori.h being read (since we don't need it) */
/*#define ORI_ORACLE*/
#include <oci.h>
#include <oratypes.h>
#include <ocidfn.h>
#include <orid.h>
#include <ori.h>
/* ------ end of Oracle include files ------ */
#define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT /*for Threaded Perl */
#include <DBIXS.h> /* installed by the DBI module */
#include "dbdimp.h"
#include "dbivport.h"
#include <dbd_xsh.h> /* installed by the DBI module */
/* These prototypes are for dbdimp.c funcs used in the XS file */
/* These names are #defined to driver specific names in dbdimp.h */
void dbd_init _((dbistate_t *dbistate));
void dbd_init_oci_drh _((imp_drh_t * imp_drh));
int dbd_db_login _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh, char *dbname, char *user, char *pwd));
int dbd_db_do _((SV *sv, char *statement));
int dbd_db_commit _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh));
int dbd_db_rollback _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh));
int dbd_st_bind_col(SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, SV *col, SV *ref, IV type, SV *attribs);
int dbd_db_disconnect _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh));
void dbd_db_destroy _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh));
int dbd_db_STORE_attrib _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh, SV *keysv, SV *valuesv));
SV *dbd_db_FETCH_attrib _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh, SV *keysv));
int dbd_st_prepare _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth,
char *statement, SV *attribs));
int dbd_st_rows _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth));
int dbd_st_execute _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth));
int dbd_st_cancel _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth));
AV *dbd_st_fetch _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth));
int dbd_st_finish _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth));
void dbd_st_destroy _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth));
int dbd_st_blob_read _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth,
int field, long offset, long len, SV *destrv, long destoffset));
int dbd_st_STORE_attrib _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, SV *keysv, SV *valuesv));
SV *dbd_st_FETCH_attrib _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, SV *keysv));
int dbd_bind_ph _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth,
SV *param, SV *value, IV sql_type, SV *attribs, int is_inout, IV maxlen));
int dbd_db_login6 _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh, char *dbname, char *user, char *pwd, SV *attr));
int dbd_describe _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth));
ub4 ora_blob_read_piece _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, imp_fbh_t *fbh, SV *dest_sv,
long offset, UV len, long destoffset));
ub4 ora_blob_read_mb_piece _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, imp_fbh_t *fbh, SV *dest_sv,
long offset, ub4 len, long destoffset));
/* Oracle types */
#define ORA_VARCHAR2 1
#define ORA_STRING 5
#define ORA_NUMBER 2
#define ORA_LONG 8
#define ORA_ROWID 11
#define ORA_DATE 12
#define ORA_RAW 23
#define ORA_LONGRAW 24
#define ORA_CHAR 96
#define ORA_CHARZ 97
#define ORA_MLSLABEL 105
#define ORA_CLOB 112
#define ORA_BLOB 113
#define ORA_BFILE 114
#define ORA_RSET 116
#define ORA_VARCHAR2_TABLE 201
#define ORA_NUMBER_TABLE 202
#define ORA_XMLTYPE 108
/* other Oracle not in noraml API defines
most of these are largly undocumented XML functions that are in the API but not defined
not noramlly found in the defines the prototypes of OCI functions in most clients
Normally can be found in ociap.h (Oracle Call Interface - Ansi Prototypes
) and ocikp.h (functions in K&R style)
They will be added when needed
sword OCIXMLTypeCreateFromSrc( OCISvcCtx *svchp, OCIError *errhp,
OCIDuration dur, ub1 src_type, dvoid *src_ptr,
sb4 ind, OCIXMLType **retInstance );
/* end of Oracle.h */