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[ In no particular order ]
**************************** NOTE: ora_db_shutdown/ora_dv_startup/StrictlyType/DiscardString not documented
User requested a document/link anywhere that details what Oracle client attributes
are supported and which are not for Oracle 11g and interacting with a RAC
and using things like TAF, FAN, etc...
Seems this file has been neglected for quite a while so I will try to keep it up to date for now
For release 1.26 or later
Add support for TAF
Add support for New Lob Functions
Add support for Statement Cacheing
Add support for callbacks??
Drop support for ProC connections
For release 1.22 or later
--> done 1.22Drop support for Oralce 8 and earlier
add support for $dbh->trace('SQL');
Replace OCIInitialize + OCIEnvInit, with OCIEnvCreate
--> done 1.22 dbd_verbose ora_verbose Add in the DBD only debugging flag
--> done 1.22 Add new method oci_exe_mode to get the Name of the Execution Modes
Add support for OCIClientVersion(),OCIPing(),OCIServerVersion()
-->done 1.22 Expand support for Data Interface for Persistent LOBs by setting up support
for Piecewise Fetch and Piecewise Fetch with Callback and perhaps Array Fetch as well
Add support for version 2 of lob functions
Add support for OCIStmtPrepare2(), Statement caching
The below might of been done but this list has not been maintained;
Add column_info test
Add info about getting help - mailing lists etc.
Public Oracle docs:
Convert most of into standard t/*.t tests.
Record ORACLE_HOME when building (auto::DBD::Oracle::mk)
Check emails from Oracle about that.
Check fix for unassigned placeholder (alen==SvLEN) can't be
triggered by a valid assignment that's exactly that long.
Resolve imp_sth->stmt_type != OCI_STMT_SELECT issue - add an attribute for it?
connect with $user = "/ as sysdba" etc as per SQL*Plus
Move urls from README into
Change all uses of perl global na (SvPV & sv_2pv) to local variables
for better thread safety.
Test script for bind type / field type / length / null interactions
of char/varchar types.
add docs about OPS$ login
Add hint about SQL*Plus commands if execute gets an ORA-0900 invalid SQL
statement? Maybe just if common SQL*Plus command word is first word.
Support SERVICE_NAME in new connect syntax (allow inplace of SID)
warn (trace_msg?) if ORACLE_HOME changes after first connect
relates to Apache::DBI scenario where changing ORACLE_HOME
upsets existing connections.
PRECISION for oci7 on VARCHAR etc
Detect "Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-XXXX"
and add "refer to oracle docs or use 'oerr ora XXXX'".
blob_read for oci8 with LONGs
$sth = $dbh->prepare("select ... for update");
$sth->execute; # fails ? auto-re-prepare?
ora_bind() failed err = ORA-01026: multiple buffers of size > 4000 in
the bind list (DBD: oexec error)
Handle PL/SQL arrays.
RAW types at max length