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Copyright (c) 1994-2006 Tim Bunce
Copyright (c) 2006-2008 John Scoles (The Pythian Group), Canada
See the COPYRIGHT section in the Oracle.pm file for terms.
/* ====== define data types ====== */
typedef struct taf_callback_st taf_callback_t;
struct taf_callback_st {
SV *function; /*User supplied TAF functiomn*/
SV *dbh_ref;
typedef struct imp_fbh_st imp_fbh_t;
struct imp_drh_st {
dbih_drc_t com; /* MUST be first element in structure */
OCIEnv *envhp;
SV *ora_long;
SV *ora_trunc;
SV *ora_cache;
SV *ora_cache_o; /* for ora_open() cache override */
/* Define dbh implementor data structure */
struct imp_dbh_st {
dbih_dbc_t com; /* MUST be first element in structure */
int refcnt ; /* keep track of duped handles. MUST be first after com */
struct imp_dbh_st * shared_dbh ; /* pointer to shared space from which to dup and keep refcnt */
SV * shared_dbh_priv_sv ;
void *(*get_oci_handle) _((imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh, int handle_type, int flags));
OCIEnv *envhp; /* copy of drh pointer */
OCIError *errhp;
OCIServer *srvhp;
OCISvcCtx *svchp;
OCISession *seshp;
#ifdef ORA_OCI_112
OCIAuthInfo *authp;
OCISPool *poolhp;
text *pool_name;
ub4 pool_namel;
bool using_drcp;
text *pool_class;
ub4 pool_classl;
ub4 pool_min;
ub4 pool_max;
ub4 pool_incr;
char *driver_name;/*driver name user defined*/
SV *taf_function; /*User supplied TAF functiomn*/
taf_callback_t taf_ctx;
char *client_info; /*user defined*/
ub4 client_infol;
char *module_name; /*module user defined */
ub4 module_namel;
char *client_identifier; /*user defined*/
ub4 client_identifierl;
char *action; /*user defined*/
ub4 actionl;
int RowCacheSize; /* both of these are defined by DBI spec*/
int RowsInCache; /* this vaue is RO and cannot be set*/
int ph_type; /* default oratype for placeholders */
ub1 ph_csform; /* default charset for placeholders */
int parse_error_offset; /* position in statement of last error */
int max_nested_cursors; /* limit on cached nested cursors per stmt */
int array_chunk_size; /* the max size for an array bind */
ub4 server_version; /* version of Oracle server */
#define DBH_DUP_OFF sizeof(dbih_dbc_t)
#define DBH_DUP_LEN (sizeof(struct imp_dbh_st) - sizeof(dbih_dbc_t))
typedef struct lob_refetch_st lob_refetch_t; /* Define sth implementor data structure */
/*statement structure */
struct imp_sth_st {
dbih_stc_t com; /* MUST be first element in structure */
void *(*get_oci_handle) _((imp_sth_t *imp_sth, int handle_type, int flags));
OCIEnv *envhp; /* copy of dbh pointer */
OCIError *errhp; /* copy of dbh pointer */
OCIServer *srvhp; /* copy of dbh pointer */
OCISvcCtx *svchp; /* copy of dbh pointer */
OCIStmt *stmhp; /* oci statement handle */
OCIDescribe *dschp; /* oci describe handle */
int is_child; /* if this is child from a ref cursor or SP*/
ub2 stmt_type; /* OCIAttrGet OCI_ATTR_STMT_TYPE */
U16 auto_lob; /* use auto lobs*/
int pers_lob; /*use dblink for lobs only for 10g Release 2. or later*/
int clbk_lob; /*use dblink for lobs only for 10g Release 2. or later*/
int piece_lob; /*use piece fetch for lobs*/
ub4 piece_size; /*used in callback to set the size of the piece to get*/
int has_lobs; /*Statement has bound LOBS */
int ret_lobs; /*Statement returns LOBS */
lob_refetch_t *lob_refetch;
int nested_cursor; /* cursors fetched from SELECTs */
AV *bind_tuples; /* Bind tuples in array execute, or NULL */
int rowwise; /* If true, bind_tuples is list of */
/* tuples, otherwise list of columns. */
/* Input Details */
char *statement; /* sql (see sth_scan) */
HV *all_params_hv; /* all params, keyed by name */
AV *out_params_av; /* quick access to inout params */
int ora_pad_empty; /* convert ""->" " when binding */
/* Select Column Output Details */
int done_desc; /* have we described this sth yet ? */
imp_fbh_t *fbh; /* array of imp_fbh_t structs */
char *fbh_cbuf; /* memory for all field names */
int t_dbsize; /* raw data width of a row */
UV long_readlen; /* local copy to handle oraperl */
HV *fbh_tdo_hv; /* hash of row #(0 based) and tdo object name from ora_oci_type_names hash */
/* Select Row Cache Details */
sb4 cache_rows;
int in_cache;
int next_entry;
int eod_errno;
int est_width; /* est'd avg row width on-the-wire */
/* (In/)Out Parameter Details */
bool has_inout_params;
/* execute mode*/
/* will be using this alot later me thinks */
ub4 exe_mode;
/* fetch scrolling values */
int fetch_orient;
int fetch_offset;
int fetch_position;
int prefetch_memory; /* OCI_PREFETCH_MEMORY*/
int prefetch_rows; /* OCI_PREFETCH_ROWS */
/* array fetch: state variables */
int row_cache_off;
int rs_fetch_count; /*fetch count*/
int rs_array_size; /*array size local value for RowCacheSize as I do not want to change RowCacheSize */
int rs_array_num_rows; /* num rows in last fetch */
int rs_array_idx; /* index of current row */
sword rs_array_status; /* status of last fetch */
int RowCacheSize; /* both of these are defined by DBI spec*/
int RowsInCache; /* this vaue is RO and cannot be set*/
#define IMP_STH_EXECUTING 0x0001
typedef struct fb_ary_st fb_ary_t; /* field buffer array */
struct fb_ary_st { /* field buffer array EXPERIMENTAL */
ub4 bufl; /* length of data buffer */
ub4 cb_bufl; /* length of piece of data fetched in callback.*/
ub4 piece_count;/*# of pieces retrieved*/
sb2 *aindp; /* null/trunc indicator variable */
ub1 *abuf; /* data buffer (points to sv data) */
ub1 *cb_abuf; /*yet another buffer for picewise callbacks this means I only need to allocate memory once a prepare rather than at each fetch*/
ub2 *arlen; /* length of returned data */
ub2 *arcode; /* field level error status */
typedef struct fbh_obj_st fbh_obj_t; /*Ebbedded Object Descriptor */
struct fbh_obj_st { /* embedded object or table will work recursively*/
text *type_name; /*object's name (TDO)*/
ub4 type_namel; /*length of the name*/
OCIParam *parmdp; /*Describe attributes of the object OCI_DTYPE_PARAM*/
OCIParam *parmap; /*Describe attributes of the object OCI_ATTR_COLLECTION_ELEMENT OCI_ATTR_PARAM*/
OCIType *tdo; /*object's TDO handle */
OCITypeCode typecode; /*object's OOCI_ATTR_TYPECODE */
OCITypeCode col_typecode; /*if collection this is its OCI_ATTR_COLLECTION_TYPECODE */
OCITypeCode element_typecode; /*if collection this is its element's OCI_ATTR_TYPECODE*/
OCIRef *obj_ref; /*if an embeded object this is ref handle to its TDO*/
OCIInd *obj_ind; /*Null indictator for object */
OCIComplexObject *obj_value; /*the actual value from the DB*/
OCIType *obj_type; /*if an embeded object this is the OCIType returned by a OCIObjectPin*/
ub1 is_final_type; /*object's OCI_ATTR_IS_FINAL_TYPE*/
fbh_obj_t *fields; /*one object for each field/property*/
ub2 field_count; /*The number of fields Not really needed but nice to have*/
fbh_obj_t *next_subtype; /*There is strored information about subtypes for inteherited objects*/
AV *value; /*The value to send back to Perl This way there are no memory leaks*/
SV *full_type_name; /*Perl value of full type name = schema_name "." type_name*/
struct imp_fbh_st { /* field buffer EXPERIMENTAL */
imp_sth_t *imp_sth; /* 'parent' statement */
int field_num; /* 0..n-1 */
/* Oracle's description of the field */
OCIParam *parmdp;
OCIDefine *defnp;
void *desc_h; /* descriptor if needed (LOBs, cursors etc) */
ub4 desc_t; /* OCI type of descriptor */
ub4 define_mode; /*the normal case for a define*/
int (*fetch_func) _((SV *sth, imp_fbh_t *fbh, SV *dest_sv));
void (*fetch_cleanup) _((SV *sth, imp_fbh_t *fbh));
ub2 dbtype; /* actual type of field (see ftype) */
ub2 dbsize;
ub2 prec; /* XXX docs say ub1 but ub2 is needed */
sb1 scale;
ub1 nullok;
char *name;
SV *name_sv; /* only set for OCI8 */
/* OCI docs say OCI_ATTR_CHAR_USED is ub4, they're wrong */
ub1 len_char_used; /* OCI_ATTR_CHAR_USED */
ub2 len_char_size; /* OCI_ATTR_CHAR_SIZE */
ub2 csid; /* OCI_ATTR_CHARSET_ID */
ub1 csform; /* OCI_ATTR_CHARSET_FORM */
ub4 disize; /* max display/buffer size */
ub4 piece_size; /*used in callback to set the size of the piece to get*/
char *bless; /* for Oracle::OCI style handle data */
void *special; /* hook for special purposes (LOBs etc) */
int pers_lob; /*for persistant lobs 10g Release 2. or later*/
int clbk_lob; /*for persistant lobs 10g Release 2. or later*/
int piece_lob; /*use piecewise fetch for lobs*/
/* Our storage space for the field data as it's fetched */
sword ftype; /* external datatype we wish to get */
IV req_type; /* type passed to bind_col */
UV bind_flags; /* flags passed to bind_col */
fb_ary_t *fb_ary ; /* field buffer array */
/* if this is an embedded object we use this */
fbh_obj_t *obj;
/* Placeholder structure */
/* Note: phs_t is serialized into scalar value, and de-serialized then. */
/* Be carefull! */
typedef struct phs_st phs_t; /* scalar placeholder */
struct phs_st { /* scalar placeholder EXPERIMENTAL */
imp_sth_t *imp_sth; /* 'parent' statement */
sword ftype; /* external OCI field type */
SV *sv; /* the scalar holding the value */
U32 sv_type; /* original sv type at time of bind */
ub2 csid_orig; /* original oracle default csid */
ub2 csid; /* 0 for automatic */
ub1 csform; /* 0 for automatic */
ub4 maxdata_size; /* set OCI_ATTR_MAXDATA_SIZE if >0 */
bool is_inout;
IV maxlen; /* max possible len (=allocated buffer) */
/* Note: for array bind = buffer for each entry */
OCIBind *bndhp;
void *desc_h; /* descriptor if needed (LOBs etc) */
ub4 desc_t; /* OCI type of desc_h */
ub4 alen;
ub2 arcode;
int idx; /* 0-based index for ?/:1 style, or -1 */
sb2 indp; /* null indicator */
char *progv;
int(*out_prepost_exec)_((SV *, imp_sth_t *, phs_t *, int pre_exec));
SV *ora_field; /* from attribute (for LOB binds) */
ub4 alen_incnull; /* 0 or 1 if alen should include null */
/* Array bind support */
char *array_buf; /* Temporary buffer = malloc(array_buflen) */
int array_buflen; /* Allocated length of array_buf */
int array_numstruct; /* Number of bound structures in buffer */
OCIInd *array_indicators; /* Indicator array = malloc( array_numallocated * sizeof(OCIInd) ) */
unsigned short *array_lengths; /* Array entries lengths = malloc( array_numallocated * sizeof(unsigned short) ) */
int array_numallocated; /* Allocated number of indicators/lengths */
int ora_maxarray_numentries; /* Number of entries to send allocated to Oracle. (may be less, than total allocated) */
/* Support for different internal C-types, representing Oracle data */
int ora_internal_type; /* Which C-type would be bound instead of SQLT_CHR. */
char name[1]; /* struct is malloc'd bigger as needed */
/* ------ define functions and external variables ------ */
extern int ora_fetchtest;
extern int dbd_verbose;
extern int oci_warn;
extern int ora_objects;
extern int ora_ncs_buff_mtpl;
extern ub2 charsetid;
extern ub2 ncharsetid;
extern ub2 us7ascii_csid;
extern ub2 utf8_csid;
extern ub2 al32utf8_csid;
extern ub2 al16utf16_csid;
#define CS_IS_UTF8( cs ) \
( ( cs == utf8_csid ) || ( cs == al32utf8_csid ) )
#define CS_IS_NOT_UTF8_COMPATIBLE( cs ) \
( cs == us7ascii_csid )
#define CS_IS_UTF16( cs ) ( cs == al16utf16_csid )
#define CSFORM_IMPLIED_CSID(csform) \
((csform==SQLCS_NCHAR) ? ncharsetid : charsetid)
#define CSFORM_IMPLIES_UTF8(csform) \
void dbd_init_oci _((dbistate_t *dbistate));
void dbd_preparse _((imp_sth_t *imp_sth, char *statement));
void dbd_fbh_dump(imp_sth_t *imp_sth, imp_fbh_t *fbh, int i, int aidx);
void ora_free_fbh_contents _((SV *sth, imp_fbh_t *fbh));
void ora_free_templob _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, OCILobLocator *lobloc));
int ora_dbtype_is_long _((int dbtype));
fb_ary_t *fb_ary_alloc _((ub4 bufl, int size));
fb_ary_t *fb_ary_cb_alloc _((ub4 piece_size,ub4 max_len, int size));
int ora_db_reauthenticate _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh, char *uid, char *pwd));
void dbd_phs_sv_complete _((imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs, SV *sv, I32 debug));
void dbd_phs_avsv_complete _((imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs, I32 index, I32 debug));
int pp_exec_rset _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs, int pre_exec));
int pp_rebind_ph_rset_in _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs));
#define OTYPE_IS_LONG(t) ((t)==8 || (t)==24 || (t)==94 || (t)==95)
int oci_error_err _((SV *h, OCIError *errhp, sword status, char *what, sb4 force_err));
#define oci_error(h, errhp, status, what) oci_error_err(h, errhp, status, what, 0)
char *oci_stmt_type_name _((int stmt_type));
char *oci_typecode_name _((int typecode));
char *sql_typecode_name _((int dbtype));
char *oci_status_name _((sword status));
char *oci_mode _((ub4 mode));
char *oci_bind_options _((ub4 options));
char *oci_define_options _((ub4 options));
char *oci_hdtype_name _((ub4 hdtype));
char *oci_attr_name _((ub4 attr));
char *oci_exe_mode _((ub4 mode));
char *dbd_yes_no _((int yes_no));
char *oci_col_return_codes _((int rc));
char *oci_csform_name _((ub4 attr));
/*char *oci_sql_function_code_name _((int sqlfncode));
char *oci_ptype_name _((int ptype));*/
int dbd_rebind_ph_lob _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs));
int dbd_rebind_ph_nty _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs));
int ora_st_execute_array _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, SV *tuples,
SV *tuples_status, SV *columns, ub4 exe_count, SV *err_count));
SV * ora_create_xml _((SV *dbh, char *source));
void ora_free_lob_refetch _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth));
void dbd_phs_avsv_complete _((imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs, I32 index, I32 debug));
void dbd_phs_sv_complete _((imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs, SV *sv, I32 debug));
int post_execute_lobs _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, ub4 row_count));
ub4 ora_parse_uid _((imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh, char **uidp, char **pwdp));
char *ora_sql_error _((imp_sth_t *imp_sth, char *msg));
char *ora_env_var(char *name, char *buf, unsigned long size);
#ifdef __CYGWIN32__
void ora_cygwin_set_env(char *name, char *value);
#endif /* __CYGWIN32__ */
sb4 dbd_phs_in _((dvoid *octxp, OCIBind *bindp, ub4 iter, ub4 index,
dvoid **bufpp, ub4 *alenp, ub1 *piecep, dvoid **indpp));
sb4 dbd_phs_out _((dvoid *octxp, OCIBind *bindp, ub4 iter, ub4 index,
dvoid **bufpp, ub4 **alenpp, ub1 *piecep,
dvoid **indpp, ub2 **rcodepp));
sb4 presist_lob_fetch_cbk _((dvoid *octxp, OCIDefine *dfnhp, ub4 iter, dvoid **bufpp,
ub4 **alenpp, ub1 *piecep, dvoid **indpp, ub2 **rcpp));
int dbd_rebind_ph_rset _((SV *sth, imp_sth_t *imp_sth, phs_t *phs));
void * oci_db_handle(imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh, int handle_type, int flags);
void * oci_st_handle(imp_sth_t *imp_sth, int handle_type, int flags);
void fb_ary_free(fb_ary_t *fb_ary);
void rs_array_init(imp_sth_t *imp_sth);
ub4 ora_db_version _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh));
sb4 reg_taf_callback _((SV *dbh, imp_dbh_t *imp_dbh));
/* These defines avoid name clashes for multiple statically linked DBD's */
#define dbd_init ora_init
#define dbd_db_login ora_db_login
#define dbd_db_login6 ora_db_login6
#define dbd_db_do ora_db_do
#define dbd_db_commit ora_db_commit
#define dbd_db_rollback ora_db_rollback
#define dbd_db_cancel ora_db_cancel
#define dbd_db_disconnect ora_db_disconnect
#define dbd_db_destroy ora_db_destroy
#define dbd_db_STORE_attrib ora_db_STORE_attrib
#define dbd_db_FETCH_attrib ora_db_FETCH_attrib
#define dbd_st_prepare ora_st_prepare
#define dbd_st_rows ora_st_rows
#define dbd_st_cancel ora_st_cancel
#define dbd_st_execute ora_st_execute
#define dbd_st_fetch ora_st_fetch
#define dbd_st_finish ora_st_finish
#define dbd_st_destroy ora_st_destroy
#define dbd_st_blob_read ora_st_blob_read
#define dbd_st_STORE_attrib ora_st_STORE_attrib
#define dbd_st_FETCH_attrib ora_st_FETCH_attrib
#define dbd_describe ora_describe
#define dbd_bind_ph ora_bind_ph
#define dbd_st_bind_col ora_st_bind_col
#include "ocitrace.h"
/* end */