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This directory contains a few sample DBI/DBD::Oracle scripts. Some are
genuinely useful while others are just demonstrations of different things.
They are adapted from the Oraperl example scripts in ../Oraperl.ex/ to
show how to do the same things in Perl 5 and DBI.

$dbh->{RaiseError} is set to 1 in all scripts for automatic error checking.     Demonstrates how execute() and fetchrow_array() may be
            combined to make a simple table lookup program with placeholders.   Demonstrates the use of commit() and rollback().   Demonstrates how to use a cursor bind variable.       Reads data from a table and prints it using a format.
            Also illustrates how to recognise NULL fields and bind_columns
            with known column names.

japh        Just another Perl hacker, written for DBI.
            This is no one-liner, but it demonstrates a few things.  Creates a table, puts some data into it, drops it.
            Demonstrates do(), placeholders, inserting and reading NULL values,
            and bind_columns() with known columns.  Dumps an Oracle table as a set of INSERT statements.
            Demonstrates the use of $sth->{TYPE}, $dbh->quote(),
            and bind_columns() with unknown column names.     Demonstrates how to get values into and out of stored procedures
            and how to receive result sets.

sql         Demonstrates the use of $sth->{NUM_OF_FIELDS}, $sth->{NAME},
            $sth->{PRECISION}, and bind_columns() with unknown column names.  Displays the structure of the specified table.
            Demonstrates the use of $sth->{NAME}, $sth->{PRECISION},
            $sth->{TYPE}, and type_info_all().
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