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name Galuga
blog_name Hacking Thy Fearful Symmetry
tagline Hacker, hacker coding bright.
db dbi:SQLite:dbname=/home/yanick/work/perl-modules/Galuga/db.sqlite
blog_root /home/yanick/work/blog_entries
blog_url http://babyl.dyndns.or/techblog
blog_author (Yanick Champoux)
template_extension .mason
development 1
dsn dbi:SQLite:dbname=/home/yanick/work/perl-modules/Galuga/db.sqlite
user_defined_schema_accessor foo
id yanick
author yanick
dist XML::XSS
dist XML::XPathScript
dist Dancer::Template::Mason
dist Dist::Release
dist Games::Perlwar
dist Git::CPAN::Patch
dist GitStore
dist Language::l33t
dist NetPacket
dist Pod::Manual
dist Task::BeLike::YANICK
dist Test::Pod::Snippets
dist Test::Wrapper
dist WWW::Ohloh
username yenzie
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