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Document how to plug in new event loops without crazy shenanigans.

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[_] 0% Explore IO::Lambda's cheat.
[_] 0% Consolidate POE-specific code out into a single role.
Allows other event loops to be supported directly rather than through POE.
+ me> Let's say I have a class Mumble that's a generic API for something with platform-specific implementations. I have Mumble::Yay and Mumble::Boo with the bits that the Yay! and Boo! platforms need.
+ me> I want to use Mumble, and Mumble->putty() to do the putty() thing regardless how the platform needs to putty mumbles.
+ ether> you want a Mumble factory, that will construct a Yay or a Boo for you depending on your platform
+ doy> yeah
+ rafl> for example using Module::Implementation
+ ether> $obj->isa_ok('Mumble'); $obj->can_ok('putty');
+ doy> Mumble->new->putty is a lot easier to deal with, generally
+ PerlJam> sounds like the DBI/DBD dichotomy
+ doy> well, probably something other than ->new, but you know
+ ether> new_for_my_platform
+ ether> but shorter
+ me> Thank you.
[_] 0% POE::Session singleton
[_] 0% has session_id
[_] 0% sub run_all

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