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PhD Thesis: Structural Priors in Deep Neural Networks

You can find here the LaTeX source for my PhD thesis submitted to the University of Cambridge in September, 2017. The final PDF version of which may be found here.


Although I maintain copyright over the content of this document, I am providing it here to help others who might need to write up their thesis, and for which any of the numerous tricks I used, e.g. the pgfplots code to plot/display data, might be helpful. Please contact me for permission if you intend to publish or use any large part of this work beyond fair-use guidelines. Aside from that, I'd appreciate citations of the original publication (see bibtex here:


  • This is based on the CUED PhD thesis template by Krishna Kumar.
  • Optimized to be maximally PDF 2/A compliant, but final thesis was necessarily run through Adobe Acrobat Pro to achieve full compliance.