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"env: node\r: No such file or directory" #9

mattfordham opened this Issue Oct 3, 2013 · 10 comments

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I get this error when attempting to run "htmlhint" from the command line. I installed with "npm install htmlhint -g". Any ideas?


You can read help like this:

htmlhint --help

That command generates the same error.


Place a test.html in current directory.
Try this cmd:

htmlhint test.html

What's your system?
Mac or Windows?


Yup, same error. I'm on Mac


I have no mac, so htmlhint is not tested on mac.
I will found mac to test soon, thank you for report issue.


I just fixed this on my Mac by running dos2unix on the htmlhint 'binary' in node_modules/htmlhint/bin. So it's probably an issue with the line endings in the file.


Now fixed.

@yaniswang yaniswang closed this Apr 13, 2014

Can you please publish an updated version to npm with this fix? This issue is still affecting new installs.


A fix pushed to npm would be much appreciated, as I'm still seeing this bug. In the meantime, referencing the executable directly works:

node /usr/local/bin/htmlhint index.html

keik commented Mar 6, 2015


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