attr unsafe chars

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Rule ID: attr-unsafe-chars

Attribute value cannot use unsafe chars.

regexp: /[\u0000-\u0009\u000b\u000c\u000e-\u001f\u007f-\u009f\u00ad\u0600-\u0604\u070f\u17b4\u17b5\u200c-\u200f\u2028-\u202f\u2060-\u206f\ufeff\ufff0-\uffff]/

Level: warning


<li><a href="">Sud Web 2012</a></li>


<li><a href="‎\u0009‎">Sud Web 2012</a></li>

Tip: The unsafe chars is in the tail of the href attribute.

config value:

  1. true: enable rule
  2. false: disable rule